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A Complete Portfolio for Cybersecurity and Data Management

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Jan Hogewoning By Jan Hogewoning | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/02/2021 - 15:25

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Q: What differentiates Cyber-T from other cybersecurity services companies?

A: Cyber-T was formally formed in 2018 with a broad portfolio of information technology and communication services. Since then, we have decided to reduce our number of business lines and focus solely on the combination of cybersecurity and data management. We employ individuals with extensive experience, as well as younger individuals who are still in university. This generates a dynamic environment with many different points of view. We have a security operations center (SOC) and a network operations center (NOC), both located in Mexico City. Furthermore, we have a unit for data storage in Monterrey and a presence in Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, and Merida.

The pandemic really shook up business models. Our advantage is that we can provide services remotely through the cloud. With the exception of just a few activities, such as installing a specific firewall, we do not need to be at our client’s premises to secure the company’s network. 

We have clients in the restaurant, manufacturing, education, financial services, pharmaceutical, construction and retail sectors. Other clients include casinos, dental clinics, a lighting and a printing company. The clients we work with range from SMEs to very large companies. We normally to work with medium to large companies that have a wide footprint.


Q: One of the products you work with is Commvault. What does this product do?

A: This is a software solution that manages the complete data cycle of a company. The advantage is that it works with many different brands of hardware and operating systems. It manages the movement of data between the company’s on-premises, a DRP site and the cloud. This can be any cloud, like Alestra, Telmex, Google, AWS or Azure.

Recently, some Indian solutions have successfully arrived in Latin America. One of these is Robin, which allows you to install applications through Kubernetes on containers. This makes operations easier and faster because it does not require necessarily virtualization for installation. One advantage is that it allows faster migration of data by Commvault, making the company more secure. 


Q: You also work with Watchguard and Panda Security, which merged recently. What benefits do these solutions offer?

A: Watchguard purchased Panda Security in June 2020. Watchguard now has a very strong solution for endpoint security and system management for smartphones, computers and x86 servers. Panda Security has a subdivision for large enterprise security, called Cytomic. Watchguard Solutions target organizations with any number of endpoints, providing multiple technologies such as software patches, email security, disk encryption and a visualizer that builds a report from all the data processes and applications running in endpoints. This allows cybersecurity personnel to oversee threats and act safer and faster. The Aether platform is driven by an automatic detection technology, EDR, including artificial intelligence, threat hunting & investigation and zero trust services which means that IT/Security personnel do not have to manually investigate the reach of threats.

Together with Bitdefender, Watchguard and Panda solutions, our company has a complete portfolio for end-to-end protection. Furthermore, we also have Network Security, which secures the perimeter of networks with access to VPN´s and internet. We use next-generation firewalls and unified threat management (UTM). Together, they protect communications across appliances. This is useful especially for companies that have a distributed presence, with locations in many different places. One of the advantages of UTM is that it can use a variety of solutions, such as Forcepoint for URL Filtering, Lastline for persistent advanced threats and Trend Micro as the intrusion prevention system (IPS), the combination gives our clients a robust security solution. Other solutions are Trusted Wireless Environment for Wi-Fi and AuthPoint Multi Factor Authentication.


Q: Are you looking to expand into other cities?

A: We have a growing plan with some of our vendors to expand business and coverage, looking for local allies to provide services in other cities, such as Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, and Veracruz. However, given our presence, we are already able to provide security to companies with a national presence.



Cyber-T is a cybersecurity services company with offices in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Merida, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Founded in 2018, the company aims to support companies to implement ICT solutions while focusing on cybersecurity.



Photo by:   Cyber-T

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