Corporations Take Steps Toward a Greener Future
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Corporations Take Steps Toward a Greener Future

Photo by:   Pixabay, geralt
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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 04/26/2022 - 17:49

A challenging environmental scenario is prompting more consumers to demand accountability from companies. Consequently, companies have recognized their role in averting a catastrophic future and are increasingly implementing business practices with an environmental and social perspective.  


“We understand that for a business to last, it must have a fundamental reason for being which is found in the value that it creates not only for shareholders, but for the world,” said Walmart.


By 2050, the OECD forecasts an increase of 50 percent in global greenhouse gas emissions, a population of 9 billion and a global economy that will need 80 percent more energy than it does today. These trends will only worsen climate change, which is already disrupting communities and ecosystems and permanently transforming the world. In the agreement signed at the 2015 COP21 meeting in Paris, 190 countries acknowledged the world’s high levels of CO2 emissions and the consequent increase in global temperatures, vowing to set ambitious emissions targets. Last year, the COP26 meeting in Glasgow revealed that the world is not on track to meet those commitments and that decarbonization of economies must be accelerated, as reported by MBN.


To progress toward a greener world, organizations are committing to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. For example, Walmart, which owns most supermarkets in Mexico, aims to produce zero emissions across its global operations by 2040 and plans to avoid 1 gigaton of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Moreover, it is working toward a zero waste model in its operations in key markets and expects to use 100 percent recyclable, reusable or industrially compostable private brand packaging by 2025.


Managing waste can boost the development of recyclable and sustainable alternatives, while technology is a great ally to achieve a circular economy. Technology company Lealtad Verde, for example, is using technology to educate consumers on how to mitigate their personal carbon footprint. The application serves as a management tool that automatically identifies, classifies and separates waste. “Lealtad Verde hopes to capture greater market participation and our allies will benefit from demonstrating to consumers that they are taking actionable steps toward their economic, social and governance goals,” said Adrián Sánchez, CEO and Director, Lealtad Verde.


Besides rethinking internal processes, companies must align their physical spaces with sustainability goals. Some organizations are building facilities in alignment with the LEED certification, which is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED is designed for companies that want to show the world that they are conscious of their construction decisions and are committed to the future of the world.


However, ecological integrity is not the only factor in which companies must focus. Social responsibility is also key when talking about sustainable development. According to the UN, sustainable development must ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature. Chedraui, for example, has implemented sustainable projects within different communities to preserve biodiversity where its facilities are located. Before constructing new supermarkets, the brand evaluates the economic potential, social benefit and potential consequences that the projects might cause. Through this analysis, Chedraui aims to promote environmental consciousness and support communities.


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Photo by:   Pixabay, geralt

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