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Tailor-Made Solutions Key for Cybersecurity Success

By Andrea Villar | Mon, 03/29/2021 - 05:00

Q: What factors will drive the adoption of cybersecurity solutions in the coming months?

A: In the early months of the pandemic, we went through a phase where companies had to make the transition toward technology and deal with the resulting operational costs and issues related to it. Now that companies are operating with some regularity, they are looking more closely at the need to invest in technology to prevent attacks. Cybercriminals attack anyone and they do so through any gap in which they find a vulnerability. Now, the targets are also people at home, not only corporate networks.

In Mexico, there is a reactive culture and that means companies protect themselves when they have already been attacked. As cybersecurity professionals, we are trying to promote a culture of prevention. The financial sector is one of the most mature in terms of cybersecurity as it is one of the most regulated industries. Companies are always on the lookout to comply with all protection requirements.

As a young company, it is sometimes difficult to penetrate large companies but there are already well-positioned businesses that have been in the market for many years that approach us to work together and make a strategic alliance. At the moment, this is how we are reaching clients in industries such as retail and the financial sector.

Q: What cybersecurity solutions does ProtectMe offer?

A: There are already many brands and security providers in the market. However, we focus on adding value to those products. Often, users buy a cybersecurity solution and they think it does not work but the reality is that it is not well implemented or adapted to their needs. ProtectMe has products and solutions in its portfolio to provide a comprehensive approach.

There will never come a time when a company is 100 percent secure. Cybersecurity is about reducing risk. We focus on mail protection, endpoint, network and information security, the main vehicle through which attacks come. We are also defining a line of business focused on B2C cybersecurity. Several people have come to us looking for personal protection because they have been attacked.

ProtectMe has specialized people capable of addressing the needs of different industries. We have consultants who have had experience in large projects in the financial and many other sectors. That helps us to have a broader picture to support our clients in dealing with any challenge. 

Q: A growing number of cybersecurity providers are joining the market. What added value does ProtectMe offer to customers? 

A: Although we are a young company, our team has been involved in large projects and even has worked directly with cybersecurity solution manufacturers. Because of this, we have been able to spot areas of opportunity in the market and develop strategies to fill these gaps. One of the most common is the simple fact of not tailoring solutions to customer needs. 

A persistent misconception is that cybersecurity is at odds with operational performance. But it should no be that way. This mindset leads companies to ditch their security tools when they should not. The solution is to adapt and optimize that product so operational processes run smoothly without impacting the business. A manufacturing client we are working with asked us for help because their endpoint security solution was not letting all the processes run, so they turned off the firewall. That was not the solution and instead, we configured their solution based on their needs. 


ProtectMe is a Mexican cybersecurity company that offers comprehensive solutions and consulting services for businesses in all sectors. It works with the retail, manufacturing and finance industries

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