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New Labor Justice System: A Monumental Achievement

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 08/04/2022 - 10:00

This week, US representatives praised Mexico’s implementation of a comprehensive labor reform bill that would transform the institutions in charge of the oversight of labor violations. PEMEX employees report a propensity for burnout. Companies increasingly turn to social media platforms to attract and recruit talent.

Meanwhile, industry leaders consider the impact of the digital transformation on HR departments, Latinas’ retroactive influence on the tech ecosystem, mental health as a business success factor and LGBTTTQi+ inclusivity in the workplace.


This week in Talent news and developments:



New Mexican Labor Justice System, an Achievement of the USMCA

One of the most important achievements of the USMCA in terms of labor rights is the creation of a completely new labor justice system in Mexico as part of the labor reform, according to Thea Lee, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, US Department of Labor.


PEMEX Employees Suffer from Burnout Due to being Overworked

Several PEMEX employees reported they are at a risk of burnouts and workplace accidents as a result of strenuous working hours, lacking detection mechanisms and timely treatment of fatigue symptoms.



Companies Bet on Recruiting Talent on Social Networks

The use of social networks has grown exponentially in recent years, and with it the number of companies that use these platforms to attract and connect with human talent has also increased. As many as 86 percent of job seekers do so through platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram


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New HR Paradigms Create New Challenges for Companies

“The digital transformation of talent had a great impact in the short-term everyday life of companies and workers alike. The changes created new paradigms regarding human capital, Industry 4.0 and digitization”, said Alejandro Navarro Borja, Director General, ARIOAC.


Latinas Are Influencing Tomorrow’s Technology Ecosystem

“Mexico has a completely different sociopolitical and cultural context from our other chapters, shifting our primary concern from leadership in tech to expanding participation in the tech industry,” said Rocío Medina van Nierop, CEO and Co-Founder, Latinas in Tech.


Ensuring Mentally, Physically Healthy Talent Boosts Companies

“The truth is that whatever the desire to develop a new workspace, it is vital to start with research on talent habits and expectations, workflow, organizational culture and the company's long-term objectives”, said Manuela Velez, Head of People, Tul.


Pride: Actions Beyond Marketing Strategies

“LGBTTTQi+ and non-cisgender professionals often feel misunderstood and unheard by their organization, with a lack of diversity initiatives or programs in place to better educate employees or give a voice to underrepresented groups,” said Alejandro Paz, Country Manager, Robert Walters.

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