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The Week in Talent: Plenty of Jobs Available in Mexico but Lacks the Quality Needed

By Cas Biekmann | Mon, 12/09/2019 - 09:11

This week, experts shine their light on what complicates the Mexican labor market. Health and Safety standard will expand as inspection increases. In other news, Mexico can improve its labor inclusion by focusing on accessibility and gain a competitive edge by incorporating technical talent toward AI innovations.


Low Quality Jobs: Core Problem of the Mexican Labor Market

Jorge Enrique Velarde, prominent specialist in Economics highlights that while there are plenty of jobs and unemployment has not reached high levels, available jobs do not provide good salaries. Furthermore, he highlights the point that an increasing minimum salary will not only be enough; working conditions need to improve as well.


STPS Focuses on Intelligent, Selective and Effective Labor Inspections

Although the new policy promises to make use of technology as well as hire more inspectors, the secretariat sees its main goal to be that companies are convinced of the policy’s importance and self-regulation to avoid sanctions.


New Occupational Health and Safety Standard to Fight Muscle Injuries and Fractures

NOM-036 is coming into force early 2020 to prevent injuries, which have become the main ailments and causes for performance issues in Mexican work environments. The law elaborates on how manual loads are handled and health and safety are promoted in 6 steps.


Inaccessible Companies First Obstacle Toward Inclusion of People with Disabilities

More than 7 million Mexicans have some type of disability. Inaccessible installations and transport provide major obstacles in their day-to-day lives. A lack of opportunity to be contracted adds to the problems. There is still a stark contrast between efforts to improve accessibility and the situation in reality. By taking away the first obstacle, inclusion can be improved.


These Are the 10 Technical Skills in Demand for 2020

Udemy’s report on future workplace trends argues that AI will take big steps in all sectors. This influences the skills that will be in demand, with a strong focus on programming and coding: Python, React and Angular make up the top three and are all related to computer coding.

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