Food Summit LATAM, Sustainability and Nestlé in the Spotlight
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Food Summit LATAM, Sustainability and Nestlé in the Spotlight

Photo by:   Image by AlexanderStein from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 09/08/2022 - 10:00

Mexican foodtech startups continue to rise with Propel Foods and Savefruit receiving sustainability and innovation awards, respectively. On the other hand, millions of Mexicans continue to suffer from severe food insecurity, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts this outlook will worsen with a rise in food prices. 

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Propel Foods, Savefruit Win Food Summit LATAM Awards

Mexican startups Propel Foods and Savefruit were recognized by ftalks Food Summit LATAM for their practices and innovation. “Congratulations to Propel Foods and Savefruit, winning startups of the ftalks Food Summit Startup Awards LATAM, in the Sustainability and Innovation categories, respectively. Both startups will receive four months of mentoring from KM ZERO and will be part of the ecosystem of our hub, having the opportunity to participate in ftalks Food Summit Valencia on Oct. 20 and 21,” announced KM Zero Food Innovation Hub, which organized the event.

Unionized Fertinal Workers Demand Better Conditions

Workers of the National Union of Mining, Metallurgical, Iron, Steel and Similar Workers of the Mexican Republic (SNTMMSRM) took to the streets of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, to protest for better labor conditions. PEMEX, which owns Fertinal, told the Federal Board of Conciliation that its facilities offer optimal conditions for workers. 

Mexican Government, INAPESCA Seek Sustainability

The Mexican government and the Ministry of Fishing and Aquaculture (INAPESCA) continue to prepare solutions to make fishing and aquaculture more sustainable. This sector already employs 213,246 people directly and almost 2 million in activities that convey food preparation. Oceana’s calculations indicate that 50 percent of the country’s total fishery output is caught illegally. 

Nestlé to Uplift Mexican Producers

Swiss multinational food and drink company Nestlé announced its commitment to source 40 percent of its cocoa from Mexican local producers by 2025. Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan, announced during Mexico’s National Chocolate and Cocoa Day, was endorsed in 2013 to ensure the sustainable production of cocoa, aiming to protect the environment and providing a better quality of life for coca growers. 

Severe Food Insecurities Affect Mexico

FAO food price index fell 1.9 percent in August 2022, making it the fifth consecutive month with a decline. The food price index averaged 138.0 points. FAO’s figures indicate that 3.7 percent of the total population in the country faces severe food insecurity. 

Mexico’s Robust Protected Agriculture Industry

Mexico continues to be one of the strongest exporting powers of fruits and vegetables in the world, with sales of 5.8 million tons at an estimated value of US$7.84 billion. 

“The growth of protected agriculture in the national territory has allowed Mexico to position itself as one of the world’s leading producers of fruit and vegetables, producing around 39 million tons per year and representing a value of MX$39 billion (US$1.93 billion),” highlighted Victor Villalobos, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Photo by:   Image by AlexanderStein from Pixabay

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