INEGI Launches Agricultural Census 2022
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INEGI Launches Agricultural Census 2022

Photo by:   INEGI
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Eliza Galeana By Eliza Galeana | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 09/21/2022 - 12:53

On Monday, INEGI started working on the Agricultural Census 2022. The survey, last held 15 years ago, will conclude on Nov. 30. The project was approved by the Chamber of Deputies with a total budget of MX$2.7 billion (US$135 million) and its main objectives are to provide updated statistics on economic, technological, environmental and social characteristics of agricultural and forestry production units in Mexico.

The operation will involve about 25,000 interviewers who will visit the homes of 4.3 million production workers throughout the country. Interviews will be held through mobile computing devices and other tools, such as digital mapping and satellite imagery, will also be used. Three questionnaires were defined to define the size and type of activities held by the different production units to be surveyed. The basic questionnaire will be directed to small and medium-sized production units and includes topics on agricultural, livestock and forestry activities. The extended questionnaire is intended for large production units and it addresses structural and short-term issues of agricultural, livestock and forestry activity in greater detail. Lastly, the third questionnaire focuses solely on lumber production units.

"To fully understand the countryside, we have to consider ejidatarios, producers and large companies. We also have to consider traditional farming methods and how they coexist with protected agriculture," said Graciela Márquez, President, INEGI, during the announcement of the beginning of the survey.

Arturo Blancas, Director of Economic Statistics, INEGI, pointed out that there are approximately 9.3 million properties located in Mexico’s rural areas, of which about 7.9 million develop some kind of agricultural activity. These areas comprise 4.3 million production units, to which the census questionnaire applies. 

According to data from INEGI, the Mexican countryside is responsible for feeding 126 million Mexicans. It supports (directly or indirectly) 19 percent of Mexican households and comprises about 4 percent of the total value of national exports. Its participation is also key to mitigate climate change and preserve the environment.

With the information collected through the survey, INEGI will create a statistical tool useful to the public and private sectors for decision-making and generating public policies beneficial for Mexico’s primary sector. Preliminary results of the Agricultural Census 2022 will be announced in May 2023 but the final results will not be ready until November 2023. 


Photo by:   INEGI

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