Internationalizing Mexican Producers
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Internationalizing Mexican Producers

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Liz Quintero - México Calidad Suprema
Director General


Q: What specific support does México Calidad Suprema provide to Mexican producers of agricultural products?
A: Our purpose is to facilitate market diversification and the commercialization of Mexican agricultural products. We provide farmers the needed tools to comply with the requirements of international markets in terms of certifications. For instance, if they want to export to the US, Canada, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates or any country that requires certifications, we act as the channel to do that. We provide training, technical guidance and certification audits, as well as support for very specific conditions, such as microbiology and pesticide analysis and compliance with religious certifications, such as those required for halal meat.
Q: How do you support small producers and farmers that want to compete in the international market?
A: The main export crops we have in Mexico are represented by small producers; such is the case with avocados, a giant industry that is mostly comprised of small producers with less than 5ha. All these small producers sell their products to packaging companies, which then export them. Almost all our export crops are represented by small producers who have become indirect exporters and this has helped them obtain better income.

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