Armando López
Director General
The Association Of Avocado Producers And Exporters From Michoacan (APEAM)
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Quality Distinguishes Avocado Penetration

Tue, 06/27/2017 - 16:33

Q: What are the most common challenges faced when exporting avocados?
A: The most important thing when exporting avocados is to maintain the quality that has always distinguished the Mexican product abroad. Our main export destination is the US but that does not mean that our presence is conditioned only to one country. We have a market penetration of 95 percent in Japan and 90 percent in Canada and our exports to Europe are also bouncing back to previous levels.
We are working on other markets to have a significant presence. Such is the case of China, where we still need to do some heavy lifting. In May 2017, we held workshops in Beijing and Shanghai with local import companies. We also need to help them understand how avocados can be incorporated into traditional Chinese dishes, which is something we have done before in other markets such as Japan.
To have the fruit assimilated into foreign cultures, we have established a number of alliances with restaurant chains. In the past few years, we have enjoyed significant accomplishments in terms of international product recognition. The alliance with the Mexican Hass Avocado Importer Association (MHAIA), to create Avocados from Mexico agency was a great help in this regard.