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Auto Industry Coping with COVID-19

By Alejandro Enríquez | Fri, 03/27/2020 - 12:29

COVID-19 continues to disrupt OEM operations in the country, while workers and dealerships are drafting strategies to cope with the situation.

COVID-19 has disrupted production operations globally. In the country, 31.4 percent of manufacturing and maquila contracts have not been fulfilled. OEMs’ halt in operations continue and in the case of Ford, FCA and GM, the cease in operations has been extended for two weeks. In total, 10 out of 12 light-vehicle OEMs have suspended operations. Only JAC, manufactured by Giant Motors Latinoamérica, and Kia continue operations.

Different sectors had come up with proposals to cope with the situation the virus is creating. Unions in the automotive industry continue negotiations to stablish working conditions during this period. Meanwhile, AMDA’s Director General has urged the federal government to take action to help the dealership network during and after the crisis.

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COVID-19’s Effects on Manufacturing Operations

Measures to Cope With the Crisis


Here is the recap of OEMs in the country that have suspended operations in the country.


               Suspension Period in Mexico


March 23 – April 13


March 28 – April 19 (Eastern break extension)


March 19 – end of March – extended to April 14


March 19 – March 30 – extended to April 6


SLP: March 20 (assembly) – extended to April 14

Silao: March 30 (assembly) – extended to April 14

Ramos Arizpe: March 30 – extended to April 14

Toluca: March 26 – extended to April 14


March 23 – March 31


Announced enough stock for five months


Continues operations


10 Days starting on March 25

Eastern break from April 9 to April 17


March 25 – April 14


March 23 – April 5


March 30 – April 12

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Alejandro Enríquez Alejandro Enríquez Journalist and Industry Analyst