Electricity Reform’s Debate Postponed Until 2022
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Electricity Reform’s Debate Postponed Until 2022

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Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/04/2021 - 17:30

The ruling coalition has postponed discussions surrounding the constitutional electricity reform proposal until 2022. In other news, COP26 will discuss energy. Tania Ortiz will head Sempra’s new Infrastructure entity. Read this and more in the weekly roundup!



Electricity Reform Postponed Until 2022

Mexico’s ruling coalition and the parliamentary groups examining the proposal to reform the energy sector have agreed to postpone the debate and subsequent voting. The new deadline has been set on April 15, 2022, right after a recall vote on President López Obrador’s mandate. The reform would give CFE a guaranteed 56 percent market share and put most of the power back in the state’s hands.


Tania Ortiz to Head Sempra Infrastructure, Sempra’s New Clean Energy Group

As the current Director of IEnova, Tania Ortiz will spearhead Sempra Infrastructure following the consolidation of IEnova and Sempra’s LNG arm. Ortiz is therefore also in charge of the company’s electricity, fuels storage terminals and gas transport and distribution businesses in North America.


US Ambassador Ken Salazar Voices “Serious Concerns” Over Reform

The US has voiced “serious concerns” over López Obrador’s proposal for a constitutional reform of the energy sector, said the US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar. Several US Congress members have spoken out against the reform, as well.


Mexico Tops G20 in Reducing Coal Use

Climate research think tank Ember reported that Mexico is the G20 country that most reduced its use of coal for power production over 2020. Almost 75 percent of Mexico’s electricity is still generated via fossil fuels, although cleaner burning natural gas is growing in popularity.


X-Elio to Collaborate Further with Perote Community

The renewable energy developer has signed a collaboration with the Higher Technological Institute of the Perote municipality. As a result, renewable energy engineering students will be able to intern at X-Elio’s solar power plant in Perote, Veracruz. The collaboration marks another step for the company in support of the community and in the fight against climate change.



Today is Energy Day at COP26

While money was the crux of yesterday’s discussion, delegates at the UN climate conference will focus on energy on Thursday. The discussion includes a non-binding deal to end fossil fuel financing of projects abroad, among other key points.


Energy Group Champions US$3 Trillion Long-Term Storage Plan

Companies such as BP and Siemens are urging the world to invest in long-term storage that could solve intermittency in wind and solar resources and thus build a feasible and sustainable platform for the energy transition.

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