Enzo Losito
AB Energy Mexico
César Sánchez
César Sánchez
Regional Sales Manager
AB Energy Mexico
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Innovative O&M Services for Reliable and Risk-Free Cogeneration

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 17:42

Q: What makes AB Energy’s proposal unique?

EL: AB Energy’s value proposition is unique because we combine three characteristics that nobody else has in this field, first, top-tier quality products, manufactured in an industrial factory. Second, engineering capabilities to customize any product around customers’ needs. Third, solid service and O&M. Since 1981, AB Energy has worked to improve competitiveness, save energy and reduce emissions into the environment. Companies like Cargil, Coca-Cola, EDF, Ferrero, Kraft, Lactalis, Lilly, Lindt, Magna, Martini, Nestlé, Novartis, Petrom, Pfizer and many others rely on AB Energy every day to protect their investments and manage their CHP systems.

AB Energy’s service operations are recognized by more than 1,000 companies as the most effective worldwide.
AB Energy innovated in an industry that is basically composed of system integrators. We deviated from the usual processes to assemble many components at our customers' sites in favor of a more industrial, quality-driven and risk control approach. AB Energy also manages directly the entire process from engineering and manufacturing to installing, commissioning and maintaining and represents a single-point of responsibility in front of our customers, while system integrators rely on multiple suppliers and players working on their customer cogeneration plant. In Mexico, our way of being responsible for the whole process is highly appreciated. 

Q: What recent technological developments are you looking forward to showcasing in Mexico?

EL: AB Energy’s product, ECOMAX, has been modified and improved over 1,100 times in more than 20 countries for a wide array of applications. Big Data plays an important role in our innovation efforts. Our cogeneration plants and engines can compile considerable amounts of data, such as energy efficiency, number of working hours and downtimes. The ultimate goal is to offer efficient and effective predictive maintenance services.

Another area in which AB Energy is investing is virtual reality. Servicing a cogeneration plant means having someone readily available, with the pertinent instruments and spare parts at hand. The ability to have the right individuals in a timely manner able to promptly solve the problem and minimize downtime for the customer depends on a number of factors. We are developing special glasses that our technicians can wear and have all the mechanical and electrical aspects of the problem transmitted and projected to our control room. This will allow people in our control room to see what the technician is seeing. This way, we can address all potential issues simultaneously in different locations all over the world, for all our cogeneration systems.

Q: What new developments is AB Energy working on for its other business lines in Mexico?

CS: We are working with landfills, trying to advance our market development stage. In Feb. 2017, we sold Mexico’s first cogeneration system for greenhouse applications to Bionatur. We are hoping for a spillover effect with this particular project to further increase our greenhouse portfolio once this niche recognizes how seamlessly it operates. These applications can help companies mitigate between 20 to 30 percent of operating costs in energy consumption and use the savings to increase their competitiveness.

Q: What are AB Energy’s plans for the longer term in Mexico?

EL: First, AB Energy is committed to strengthening the competitive edge Mexican industries need by putting a robust distributed-generation strategy and technology on their doorstep. Second, as a multinational, Italy-based company present in 20 countries, we are actually creating a Mexican company. Our local team is primarily composed of young, Mexican engineers. Mexico’s energy-intensive industries, such as pharma, chemicals, automotive, textile, food and beverages, agriculture and plastics, can tremendously benefit from our offer. We are going to build competencies for our local workforce as our contribution to Mexico’s energy future.