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Mexican Entrepreneur Launches Mobile Style Consultant

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Tue, 02/09/2021 - 16:21

Mexican Entrepreneur Sara Kumetz founded 12 years ago her own image consulting company and received numerous requests for personalized advice. However, the pandemic harmed Kumetz’s business model, which relied on personal interaction. This turn of events inspired her to launch an app that provided remote style advice and recommendations, reported Expansión Política.

Her app, Outfit 365, offers different image consulting services and redirects users to different stores that sell garments, makeup and accessories, making these products available to users without leaving their homes. The app finds suggestions for users, whether for a Zoom meeting or a beach trip and finds clothes according to their height, shape, style and colorimetry. “Despite the pandemic, we have reached over 15,000 downloads. What makes this application friendly is that it becomes a sort of shopping mall in your hand. It is not a sales platform; it redirects you to any clothing store that you see in the app,” said Kumetz in an interview with Forbes Mexico. She states that 40 percent of the app’s downloads have been registered in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, but there have also been downloads from the US and Europe.

The app provides outfit ideas to customers based on their preferences but when it does, the algorithm prioritizes garments from brands the app is working with, so consumers can personally consult the brand's catalog. Kumetz argues this gives a different business model to the app. “We are the only app in the world that does this. Current clothing applications or any apps that guide you in terms of personal style require that you upload the clothes you have or they redirect you to social media pages like Pinterest. This gives us greater exposure worldwide. We have registered the app in different parts of the world since it is a specialized algorithm,” added Kumetz. This allows the app to feel like a personal stylist, she argues, and its algorithm has been developed to understand how to match and style different garments appropriately. Kumetz claims that Outfit 365 shows options that users might never have been motivated to try and works with Mexican and international brands, including Zara, Guess, Coach, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas.

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