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A New Voice for Business

Photo by:   Enrique Marú
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By Enrique Marú - Sr. Pago
Chief Revenue Officer


2013 was a year that shook the world. We witnessed the first spacecraft to cross the solar system, science was able to reproduce in vitro a liver that was successfully transplanted into mice, there was conspiracy talk about global espionage and we even danced for months to the rhythm of Get Lucky with Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams. 2013 was a year where there was everything and we are proud to say that Sr. Pago was born in the middle of so many global changes.

Eight years ago, we started with the idea that any merchant, no matter how small, could have the possibility to accept different payment methods and increase their income. Perhaps being a pioneer in a segment that was so unknown at the time —  the mPOS ecosystem — seemed scary, and although we had real studies and statistics on the benefits a terminal could bring to any business, we speculated about its reception by SMEs.

At the beginning of our journey, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was why small businesses could not have access to a banking terminal. The obvious answer was that SMEs could not offer as much certainty as an established business.

According to INEGI data, there are 3.9 million SMEs in Mexico, from which only 29.5 percent are formalized. This is a total of 2,749,500 business people who were unable to request this type of product in a bank. As a result, they had to stick to traditional payment methods like cash, limiting their type of customer and thus their income.

Being aware of the amount of micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico, and our commitment to finding a way to generate better and inexpensive alternatives for them, we launched our first card reader, independent from banks but secure enough so that any type of business, whether banked or not, could say, “I Accept Cards.”

That is how we began to grow our businesses and boost our clients’ sales more than 30 percent.

After going back to those first years and recognizing the development and lessons learned by  each member of the Sr. Pago family, we understood there is still much more to offer along the path of every entrepreneur and their commercial success. Now, besides card readers, we are focused on technological improvements, diverse and secure payment [1] devices that adapt to all sorts of companies and creating new channels to do business better and more impactfully.

This train of thought is why we joined Konfío, a platform that provides financial solutions, from customized loans for liquidity to growing inventories and opening new points of sales, among others. Konfío also offers the possibility of obtaining a business card that improves your company’s expense management. They provide invoicing services with no fees or folio limits and help you manage your reporting, inventories and points of sale, all in one-single administrative software.

We could not be prouder to say that together, we now offer growing businesses all the financial solutions they need in one platform. We will continue our purpose to help all entrepreneurs who seek to fulfill their dreams and make their future brighter, no matter how big or small their business is.

Today, our colors will be different but we will always have the same mission and the same goal: to provide top-notch solutions to promote financial inclusion in Mexico.

Photo by:   Enrique Marú

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