Zapopan Promotes Private Investment and Development

By José Escobedo | Mon, 03/23/2020 - 16:12

   In an effort to offset economic ramifications caused by the COVID-19 virus and launch startup projects to promote private investments, the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco inaugurated the first edition of Capital Emprende. The projects presented at the event seek to attract entrepreneurs and investors looking to participate in promising ventures.

“We are the first municipality to introduce this type of investment model. It is important to highlight that projects can be tangible investments, such as buildings or other traditional structures, but also intangible, such as entrepreneurship, innovation and good ideas,” said Zapopan’s Coordinator for Economic Development and Inequality Rights, Salvador Villaseñor Aldama in a statement given to El Economista. For him, the most successful companies in today´s world are those generating ideas.  

Over a ten-week period, entrepreneurs were able to network with businessmen, as well as establish connections with other successful entrepreneurs. “We need to diversify our investment model by economically strengthening Guadalajara’s metropolitan area, which will eventually guarantee financial security to families in Zapopan,” said Villaseñor.  

According to Villaseñor, 98 percent of projects that participated in the first edition of Capital Emprende were developed by people who live in Zapopan. These businessmen are subscribers of the website retozapopan.com.mx and have a great sense of social responsibility.

One of the most successful projects, developed by entrepreneur Osvaldo Medina, is an app that contributes to detecting breast cancer in its early stages. Medina received MX$1 million (US$39,820) from Alfredo Lopez, CTO of Arista, to launch the platform. “We have concentrated our efforts on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to empower entrepreneurs who know how to add value to their businesses and to their ideas,” said Villaseñor.


Source: El Economista



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by José Escobedo
by José Escobedo
by José Escobedo