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Investment: Where do Mexican Women Stand?

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 09/12/2022 - 13:13

Mexico has the optimal conditions for more women to become traders, improve their investment landscapes and enter the financial sector, found a study by OctaFX. Their strengths include strategies, capacity for self-learning, and growing interest in improving their investment prospects. 


Trading app OctaFX's most recent study, "New Investment Behaviors: Mexican Women Traders," reveals that optimal conditions exist in Mexico for more women to become traders. The study was based on 105 surveys of women who currently invest. The study aimed to analyze their knowledge about investing and trading. Currently, half of the Mexican women of working age participate in the labor market, and 60 percent do so in informal jobs. 


The study found that women's interest in operating in the markets starts as early as 18 years of age, five years earlier than in men. However, 62 percent of Mexican women between the ages of 18 and 70 have at least one financial product, 12 percentage points less than men. The study found that 36 percent of Mexican women have never accessed a financial product such as loans for fear of getting into debt. 


The pandemic accelerated the incorporation of Mexican women into the financial market. About 35 percent of traders report that they began investing during the contingency. OctaFX says that this is the time to go further, which would benefit both women and the Mexican economy. The country's per capita income would be 22 percent higher if women's economic participation rate were the same as men's, says OctaFX. The exclusion of women represents a significant loss of productivity and, therefore, a great loss in Gross Net Income, added the firm. 


The OctaFX report shows that 66 percent of Mexican female traders learned to invest in less than six months, 68 percent started investing to generate additional income, 85 percent recognize trading apps and 75 percent have also used investment services. The most popular forms of investment at the moment are cryptocurrencies (68 percent), national stocks (62 percent), bonds (36 percent), international stocks (32 percent), and cetes (31 percent).


The study also found that 82 percent of Mexican women believe that the country offers optimal conditions for women to become traders. These conditions include: education, which 21 percent of those surveyed reported has allowed to increase access; the country’s strategic position, quoted by 5 percent of respondents; equity, mentioned by 34 percent; and resilience, quoted by 41 percent.

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