Enrique Samper
Health and IT Business Unit Director
Grupo Altavista
Joel Cano
Joel Cano
Director of Incubation and Innovation
Grupo Altavista
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The 3 Ps in Health: Prevention, Participation, Prediction

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 18:03

Q: What led Grupo Altavista to offer customized solutions in the health sector in Mexico?

ES: At Grupo Altavista, we have been integrating technological projects for different sectors, including the government, for more than 25 years. This has positioned Grupo Altavista as one of the major players in the health and ICT sectors.

VO: Few companies and industries are focused on the precision-based model. We believe that the best solution is based on evidence, which is why we offer a customized solution that meets the customer’s needs. Grupo Altavista’s methodology is oriented to satisfy the patient, the healthcare professional and the institution through inclusive and personalized projects. Also, our projects are based on usability levels to ensure clients leave with a better condition than when the hired our services.

Q: How does Grupo Altavista help redefine the healthcare business and how are you improving patient-centricity?

ES: We can consider ourselves as the best option for companies because we provide comprehensive and expert solutions that translate immediately into a benefit for the entire value chain.

VO: A very clear way to redefine the health industry and improve patient care quality is telehealth solutions. Mexico has a deficit in nurses and in medical specialties like geriatrics. In the country there are approximately 502 geriatricians, a number that will not be enough to cover the needs of the population. Our telemedicine solutions allow public and private institutions to manage information efficiently to ensure high-quality patient care.

JC: Technological change in the health industry is unstoppable and the ability of companies to manage this change must be prioritized. Grupo Altavista has helped industries accelerate the adoption of technologies to boost their productive and performance growth. We help our clients avoid risks and make sure that the technology that we implement works and has a direct impact on the health and care of the patient.

Q: Why is Grupo Altavista the best option for the digitization project that IMSS is carrying out?

ES: The government’s ability to provide universal access to health has a direct impact on the country’s competitiveness. The establishment of a universal electronic clinical record would allow Mexican patients to receive treatment at any of the country’s health facilities. Grupo Altavista works with the government to implement technologies and procedures for the public sector to digitize its archives.

VO: We are implementing a new innovation center to adopt disruptive technologies. Technology offers the public sector the possibility of providing more precise and timely services. When pathologies are detected on time, the patient can be easily cured or at least contained with treatment.

Q: How can Grupo Altavista help unify the health system in Mexico?

VO: There are different information providers for the health system in Mexico. The problem is that there is no platform for data unification that includes all different providers. Grupo Altavista is working to become the manager of a platform that extrapolates data from different sources to help doctors access complete information.

JC: Different public institutions have digitalized their systems with Grupo Altavista because our solutions go beyond digitalization. We combine technology and data security to improve health management and diagnostics in the public sector