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Better Processes Through Biomedical Excellence

Luis Garduño - Art-Técnica
Partner and CEO


Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 08/18/2022 - 16:22

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Q: How does Art-Técnica improve quality control in medical equipment and diagnostic imaging?

A: Our robust offer is made up of high-quality medical metrology equipment. We also service biomedical and medical equipment. The sector of care provision is tied to high-quality standards. Improving the quality-of-care provision facilities relies primarily on biomedical engineers, so Art-Técnica employs a large number of them and invests in their continuous training and education. As a result, we have been looking to partner with universities or educational institutes to train professionals in this area on the use of medical equipment technology. Art-Técnica also offers equipment to universities to promote the training of students so they are familiar with the processes and devices they will encounter. We have worked alongside Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM), Tec Milenio, Instituto Politécnico de Mérida, Instituto Politécnico de San Luis Potosí and Instituto Politécnico de Guanajuato.

The Mexican southeast is a hub for tourism and medical tourism so we are focusing on that region.

Q: Aside from your core business, what are your most recent technological innovations?

A: Technology is developing at a fast pace but there are basic metrology standards that remain constant, such as gas flow, liquid flow and electrical measurements. However, the mechanisms and tools to measure them have evolved. Art-Técnica links these new developments to the training of biomedical engineers. 

The introduction of new technologies impacts the performance of existing tech, opening a market opportunity for us to improve overall biomedical processes. This area is growing alongside the responsibilities of biomedical engineers for equipment maintenance. To improve processes for these engineers and increase our service portfolio, we partnered with software developer TINC CMMS, which has benefited our business and professionals.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed Mexico’s limited awareness of the importance of continuously maintaining medical devices?

A: The pandemic led hospitals to pay more attention to their biomedical areas, which are vital for the optimal performance of their services. If these areas run smoothly, the hospitals will become more cost-efficient and grow.

There is a market opportunity in maturing these processes and promoting biomedical engineers to directorships. Art-Técnica can help care facilities improve the performance of their metrology equipment and achieve the full and correct utilization of their medical equipment. Hospital directors can approach us for a personalized approach and we will build them the right solution for their specific goals.

Q: How has Art-Técnica mapped the manufacturing market to expand its coverage?

A: We approached many manufacturers during the pandemic because there was a development boom for biomedical devices. Our quality and experience can also support manufacturing of medical devices. All of our quality processes are based on international regulations and standards and adhere to Mexican regulations when applicable.

Q: How can Mexico strengthen its medical device manufacturing industry?

A: Medical device manufacturing in the country will become stronger thanks to the large tech developments taking place. In this scenario, Mexico will continue to be a medical devices hub with strong potential to continue growing internationally.

Mexico has an opportunity in the acquisition of more devices for its medical tourism industry. The country should also continue acquiring and renewing equipment after the pandemic. These two factors will boost national consumption. Mexico is also a market for second-hand medical devices. While some devices have a reasonable second lifespan, others should not be reused. In this sense, local regulation will have to address this matter to protect the health of Mexicans. 


Art-Técnica is a Mexican metrology supplier that offers products and services to biomedical and clinical engineers. The company represents brands like Fluke Biomedical and Raysafe

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