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Digital Telemedicine Solutions with a Latin-American Approach

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 03/10/2021 - 15:45

Q: Why is Mediconecta the best ally for patients, insurers, companies and medical professionals?

A: Telemedicine tends to create a circular benefit for all actors. In five to 10 minutes, patients can have access to a medical consultation without the need to schedule a two to three-hour period of time for a 30-minute doctor visit. This saves around 90 percent of the time. Doctors, just like patients, save time and have the option of keeping their business running amid situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mediconecta saves costs for insurers and for our company clients we offer increased productivity because employees have more time. This platform is also a great support to the public sector. By having this option in the market, demand for public healthcare services decreases, which means resources can be allocated to more urgent requests.

Moreover, digitalization automatically offers the option of data registration and collection. This can be easily accessed and shared between patients and doctors, contributing to the general digital transformation of healthcare practices.

Q: What are the key alliances that have boosted Mediconecta’s service offering?

A: Our business is based on three strong pillars. One is insurance companies. In Mexico, this segment lags other countries like Chile where insurance penetration is higher. The second is our client companies. This is a very well-established pillar in Mexico. We have around 20 companies that provide our services as part of the benefits package for employees. The last pillar is the government and again, Chile is another example of how the government has promoted the use of technology as an alternative to cope with healthcare demand between public and private entities. In Mexico, institutions like IMSS have a great deal of potential to exploit this tool and we see a great area of opportunity here.

Q: How does Mediconecta select its doctors?

A: We have a very rigorous selection process for the medical professionals that will be part of the platform. We focus on the doctor’s experience and credentials while also making sure they have the right education to offer virtual consultations.

Our staff manages schedule availability for all specialties and doctors. Internally, we also focus on the performance of the doctor, on how efficient they are regarding consultation times, wait times and the feedback they receive after the meeting. This is done to ensure medical and service quality.

Q: How can telemedicine address the needs of the Mexican population?

A: Telemedicine does not have to be exclusively for people living in remote areas; its benefits can be applied perfectly to any other context. In cities, for example, the amount of time one can save can be as much as three hours, which also means an environmental impact due to savings on transportation costs.

The concept of connected health is possible through technology. It allows real-time access to information without the need for paper or any other impediment that can be a barrier for both the patient and the doctor. Having access to a medical consultation quickly can even mean more people taking care of their health because of the adaptable and comfortable option telemedicine offers.

We are already joining the continuity trend that enables doctors to access more accurate information on the patient when they need it. They can also interact with other professionals and facilities the patient attends, which can generate a whole healthcare environment for patients that will allow them to understand their health status and take control of it. Digital tools, such as wearables, are a great plus for health continuity because through them, it is easier to detect anomalies that can be sign of a health problem that is not presenting any symptoms or discomfort.

Q: How has COVID-19 reshaped Mediconecta’s strategies and demand?

A: COVID-19 did not change our internal structure. I like to think that we were visionaries with a platform that was built to encourage the use of telemedicine in Latin America. On the one hand, there are people who have very limited access to quality or even basic healthcare services. On the other hand, technology is experiencing a greater penetration in Latin America compared to other regions. Furthermore, looking at medical consultations, we realized that eight of every 10 can be easily managed through telemedicine.

We did experience some immediate effects from the pandemic, however. For example, while people were limiting outings, they still needed to attend their regular doctor’s appointment. This gave telemedicine a boost among patients who had not considered it before. What normally happens after the first experience is that people realize the benefits of telemedicine and how it saves time and costs. Most importantly, it keeps patients safe from COVID-19 contagion. Additionally, healthcare providers, from independent doctors to complete medical facilities, were looking to migrate or integrate a model like the one we offer.

Mediconecta allows providers to fully migrate their process to a digital platform, from patient admittance, consultation and payment methods to clinical records, prescriptions, medical exams and diagnosis. We have integrated all of these into the same ecosystem, which allows doctors to continue their regular practice while adapting to new needs.

COVID-19 has completely changed the panorama for telemedicine and I do think this is an irreversible step as it is already part of the new normal in the healthcare industry.

Q: What are Medionecta’s near-term goals?

A: We have a strong presence in many Latin American countries and in Mexico we see a great deal of potential to grow our B2B model. Mediconecta is expanding to other specialties and we have additionally built presential spaces within clinics to enable doctors to offer their telemedicine services through the platform. This last initiative is an added value service for the clinic and it generates a competitive advantage for them. 


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