Lourens Verweij
Director Corporate Development
View from the Top

Improving Access Through Rent

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 17:24

Q: What needs does Resonandina fill in Mexico’s health sector?

A: While working with the sector, we identified several challenges that Mexico’s health organizations face regarding high-end medical devices. These include difficulty of access due to factors such as high cost, limited patient flow, or construction restrictions, a need for temporary access for specific interim projects and, thirdly, a need for geographical flexibility for multi-location usage. In these cases, Resonandina offers innovative, accessible and flexible mobile imaging diagnostic units to hospitals, Diagnostic Centers and Medical Specialists in urban and rural areas. The concept of mobile units for medical usage is not new to the industry. Resonandina innovated this model to meet the needs from the healthcare providers in Mexico and focuses on offering integrated quality services: rental solutions of mobile, relocatable and modular units, providing easy access to high-end medical devices for a certain period and with no up-front investments.

Q: What is the secret behind providing health services in remote locations and having a healthy financial operation?

A: Two main obstacles when operating in the field of high-end medical devices are accessibility and usage. For especially remote locations the training aspect and ongoing support is of much value. We also see that regional collaborations among venters, healthcare practitioners and suppliers are key to ensure a better patient flow and a healthier financial result. Also, innovative technologies and disruptive operational models help to create better and more feasible health service, where remote locations are rapidly catching up via innovative services from companies as Resonandina and alike.

Q: Who are your main clients? How do you make the difference for them?

A: Resonandina works across Latin America, where we collaborate with key industry stakeholders, ranging from hospitals, diagnostic centers and medical specialists in the private and public sectors, to medical equipment manufacturers and the local governmental organizations and foundations. While all these organizations are focused on improving the industry standards, each has specific and different needs and Resonandina closely works with each of them to develop a solution that best fits their vision.

As an international startup founded in the Netherlands with an industry background from Mexico, Latin America and Europe, we have created an innovative, accessible and flexible model with a great team of experts that closely works with our clients to develop tailored plug-and-play solutions. Furthermore, we strongly focus on quality assurance in all aspects of our company; this is reflected in our overall service and the high-quality mobile-units and medical devices we work with.

Q: What is Resonandina’s expected area of coverage in Mexico?

A: At Resonandina we like to focus on need driven solutions, where there is a large need in the periphery of Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. In addition, we receive an increasing number of requests from the fast-growing states of Queretaro and Puebla, as they are still developing their healthcare infrastructure to keep up with the increasing population size. Naturally, further regions as Oaxaca, Yucatan and Veracruz are on our road map.

Q: How important are partnerships for Resonandina and what benefits do both sides derive from that?

A: From my personal background living in Mexico and professional experience working in the industry across countries, we know that healthcare is very local, including in Mexico, where partnerships become key not only to enter the market but also to ensure future success. Therefore, our local partners are of high importance and we collaborate with those who know the industry best, and can work with us to deliver value to the health sector.