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Living Hospital System Provides a Humane Patient Experience

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 05/16/2022 - 09:01

Q: TuoTempo has been part of the Docplanner Group since 2016. What made the company join the world’s largest healthcare platform?

A: Docplanner’s mission is to use technology to make health experiences more humane. By acquiring TuoTempo, Docplanner strengthened its patient-institution communication tools, bolstering our joint vision of creating patient-centric models.

Q: What determined the company’s transition from customized patient files to a customer relationship management (CRM) system for hospitals?

A: TuoTempo and Docplanner aim to close care gaps within the health services at hospitals, expanding our service offering to respond to the needs of users within a health system.

As we implemented our original solution, we identified the different needs of the market, industry and patients. We created a solution that made sense to patients in this ecosystem. Our logic is that if a service is useful for the patient, health institutions will eventually need it and this is what has happened with TuoTempo.

Q: How does TuoTempo strengthen Docplanner’s other services, such as Doctoralia?

A: TuoTempo scales up Doctoralia’s services, which focus on telemedicine and patient-doctor relationships. By focusing on the institution-patient relationship, TuoTempo provides Doctoralia with the quality care standard to provide its services to the patient.

TuoTempo has about 14 modules that address different stages of the patient’s journey, which are necessary for doctors and institutions as they grow their business or make it more interconnected.

Q: How has TuoTempo adapted its solutions to respond to the demands of the different countries it works in?

A: Regulation varies by country but healthcare is very standardized. We focus on direct patient contact so we have had no issue adapting our services to different countries and running the solution at its full potential. In every country we work in, we build partnerships with local providers, including consulting, marketing and consulting firms. These companies allow us to focus on our services while they oversee the other aspects of the business.

We have to personalize our services for each institution in accordance with their particular characteristics, size, focus and sector, among other considerations. We adapt the platform so it can be integrated into any other existing technology at the hospital. Our technology does not have to replace existing hospital practices. Instead, we merge our services and theirs into a better solution.

Q: How has TuoTempo positioned its solutions in the Mexican market?

A: While we belong to a larger group, we had to open the market ourselves to look for the right clients. We targeted the innovation, operations, IT and infrastructure areas of hospitals, clinics and medical institutions. TuoTempo has received a positive response in the Mexican market because decision-makers see its ability to respond to a variety of unmet needs.

We provide hospitals and clinics with consultancy on patient interactions so they can understand the improvements TuoTempo can help them implement. TuoTempo is also in close contact with hospital professionals to ensure we integrate their feedback. TuoTempo is a living platform and we constantly improve it to benefit our clients and improve the relationship between the patient and institution, whether it is private or public. 

Q: Which are your strongest markets in Latin America?

A: Chile is among our strongest markets as it was one of the first we opened in the region and is highly digitalized in terms of healthcare, which allowed us to grow consistently. Brazil and Mexico are also strong markets. In Brazil, we grew significantly during our first two years and in Mexico, we are seeing a similar market behavior that makes us optimistic about the future.

Q: Given the amount of data going through TuoTempo, how does the company ensure the patient’s ownership of their records?

A: TuoTempo complies with the regulations of the countries it works in. For example, we comply with Mexico’s Data Protection Law. All the information we manage is also encrypted to ensure the best care standard for the patient. We are not a healthcare information system and we do not store information. TuoTempo only keeps a preview of the necessary information for the doctor and the patient.


TuoTempo is a digital solution from Docplanner, the leading international Healthtech group in Europe and Latin America. It operates in 20 countries.

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