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Looking Ahead Through Tech, Regulations, Cannabis

Photo by:   Unsplash, Jose Luis Sanchez
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Alfonso Núñez By Alfonso Núñez | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/16/2021 - 18:00

Expert contributors explain the importance of resilience in the industry, changes to come with the new year as discussed in a recent congress and the importance of tissue donation. Meanwhile, MBN speaks with industry insiders regarding their contributions to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mexican health industry faces federalization and the recognition of new diseases and cannabis brings various economic and sector opportunities across Latin America.


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Resilient Manufacturing Reinforces Reliability, Service, Purpose

Expert contributor David Salas, Manufacturing Operations Director, Atramat, explains the importance of resilience ¿ to keep advancing manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector and offers different steps and insight for industry insiders on how to enhance resilient leadership.


Nayarit Federalizes Health Sector

The state of Nayarit became the first to incorporate its health services into the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Armed forces will now be in charge of the distribution of all vaccines in the state, which will serve as a trial run for President López Obrador’s plans of expanding the program to the rest of the country.


Post-Pandemic Health in Mexico

The medical devices industry will transform as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on primary care, diagnostics and technology. Even in critical times, the industry must keep an eye on emerging patient care forms, changes in doctor-patient relationships and the way populations address health issues, writes expert contributor Guillaume Corpart, Founder and CEO, Global Health Intelligence.


Clinical Trial Disruption: Getting Back on Track, Part 2

Expert contributor Marlene Llópiz, CEO, Clínica Responsible Operativa, continues her analysis on the factors and elements inherent to a clinical study, this time focusing on the new implementations and development of clinical studies which should generate a worldwide redesign including remote communication and increased use of technology.


Tech, Innovation Aid Economic Recovery, Sustainable Development

Mexico’s Network of Technological Transfer Offices (REDOTTMX) held its 10th annual congress to highlight the benefits of science in various fields as a means of addressing the current global health contingency and the effects it has had on the nation. The network’s president, Victor Sánchez, breaks down this latest congress and the three major themes, which drew in more than 600 participants.


The Challenges for the Health Sector in Mexico

Health digitization, technology adaptation among patients and a lack of internet capacity limiting the reach of online consultations are the three main challenges the health sector has been facing since the beginning of the pandemic, writes expert contributor Adrián Alcántara, Director General Mexico, Doctoralia.


Chronic Pain Recognized by Ministry of Health

Starting next year, Mexico’s Ministry of Health will recognize chronic pain not only as a symptom of other diseases or injuries but as a disease of its own. This recognition will bring great progress regarding treatment and recognition for disabled benefits.


Latin America


Sustainable Lipid Provider Takes Advantage of Vaccine Development

Croda LATAM Northern & Southern Tier Managing Director Rafael Mendez highlights the company’s experience in collaborating with the COVID-19 vaccine development and the future growth the company expects in an interview with MBN.


Cannabis in LatAm: Regional, Collective Approach

With the cannabis industry expanding globally, Latin America is well positioned to become a leading region for investments and revenue, explains expert contributor Erick Ponce, President, Cannabis Industry Promotion Group (GPIC).


Housing and Cannabis: Match Made in Heaven

Guillermo Nieto, President, National Association of the Cannabis Industry (ANICANN), explains the future opportunity in hemp-based building materials for affordable and clean housing and how the lack of regulation is hindering this exciting venture.


Saving a Life Is Up to You

Sergio Medrano, Latin American Director, Be the Match, explains how necessary it is for everyone to realize their capability in joining tissue donation efforts, which is more available than ever through nonprofit organizations focused on promoting donations from all verticals, such as Be the Match.

Photo by:   Unsplash, Jose Luis Sanchez

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