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Private Health Sector Collaboration Transcendent for Patients

By Sven Boes - TecSalud
Director General Hospitales


By Sven Boes | Director General Hospitales - Thu, 05/12/2022 - 14:00

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For some time now, the trend toward collaboration between private institutions in the field of health has become more important, even more so after having faced a health crisis such as that which arrived in 2020, challenging health systems amid the large increase in infections.

This collaboration plays a key role, since it has been shown that through these synergies it is possible to expand the network of experience, be more effective and implement better practices, based on the principle of always having the patient at the center.

The consolidation of institutions has also been a trend in the health sector, and it is vital to perfect its operational and administrative model, also centered on the patient.

At TecSalud, our mission is to contribute to transforming the practice of medicine in Mexico, and, consequently, raising the level of health provided in the country. To this end, over time, we have analyzed alternatives on how to achieve that.

Within our process of growth and transformation, we have developed initiatives that transcend medical care, always with a focus on quality and safety, and that contribute to the future health of our Mexican population.

This is how TecSalud Network was born: as a collaborative network that aims to create alliances with other private medical care institutions that share our same philosophy and seek to be more effective, grow and offer better quality services to the benefit of the health of our patients.

The purpose of this network is to provide support in strategic initiatives that we know are key for health institutions because it rewards affiliated institutions with the great benefits of continuous improvement, collaboration and growth.

To achieve this, we designed four key initiatives that we adapt according to the needs of each new hospital with which we collaborate: quality of care, training and research, efficiency and growth.

We provide tools and transfer our best practices to guide the medical management, nursing and quality teams of each institution; in addition, we support them in the development of quality metrics, certifications and accreditations.

As a health system, we are constituted as an academic medical center with an innovative model that integrates medical care, education and research.

For this reason, another of the key initiatives is training and research, which we can achieve through collaboration between institutions with the educational purpose of providing students with medical experience and knowledge, while promoting research.

Relations with suppliers are an essential element, if they are achieved jointly between institutions, they generate cost-efficiency in medicines, materials and medical equipment; therefore, we assert the solid relationships we have with our suppliers by providing leadership and guidance according to the needs of each hospital belonging to the network.

Last but not least is our growth initiative. We provide tools to increase the power of negotiation and representation with third-party payers, attracting volumes to affiliated hospitals. This includes brand collaborations, marketing and communication advice, as well as the development of alliances with third parties.

Without a doubt, we are convinced that this network that we have created will give us greater knowledge and sensitivity to be able to adapt what we are doing in medicine to each circumstance.

Our commitment is to private Mexican health institutions and their processes, which is why we will continue working so that this network extends to those institutions that have the firm conviction of growth, effectiveness and improvement of services for the benefit of their communities.

Photo by:   Sven Boes

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