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Regulation Can Help Reduce Costs, Production Losses

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 09/28/2020 - 11:45

Q: How is Rossbach approaching the generics market and what progress has the company made in this segment?

A: In 2019, we were able to reach almost 100 percent of Mexican generics manufacturers. While we had some difficulties approaching foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, we saw a significant change in attitude in the second half of 2019. We noticed that all pharmaceutical manufacturers had regulatory issues and needed a solution that guaranteed that everything within their distribution network and warehouses was monitored and measurements were trustworthy. This led them to us.

Regulation in Mexico is sound, complete and well-written. However, it is useless if no one is enforcing it. In 2019, we saw a renewed interest from COFEPRIS and the federal government to create more serious auditing processes and clients have also found motivation extending beyond the regulatory area to improve and guarantee the quality of their products.

We realized that some manufacturers took their measurements, for instance temperature, manually. The problem with this is that companies need to throw out the entire production if parameters change and modifications cannot be made accurately in a short period of time. For our clients, this is a fundamental problem for their operation in Mexico, so we are in the process of equipping large warehouses with our equipment. We started with clients like Lufthansa and today we work with pharmaceuticals like Pfizer, Bayer and Lilly ICOS. We have become a household name in continuous monitoring systems.

Q: How does Rossbach contribute to strengthening Mexico’s precision-measuring culture to position itself as the first option for clients?

A: We are slowly seeing a change in mentality and perception regarding quality measuring. It is a matter of talking to people who are willing to do their job and offer quality in their production. Rossbach has been in Mexico for over 50 years and has always been focused on promoting precision in all measurements of all possible areas. We have been involved in measurement of critical environments for over 30 years, which means no one can compete with our technical capabilities. More importantly, our experience ensures quality. We strive to offer our clients the solution they need for quality processes to comply with all pertinent regulations.

Q: How relevant is the healthcare sector for Rossbach’s operations?

A: The healthcare sector is extremely important for us because of its strict regulations. There are other industries like mining that are also regulated but stricter processes mean we can have a larger participation. The less strict the sector, the less participation we can have.

Q: How would you describe the state of the healthcare industry and what are the opportunities and challenges within the sector?

A: In 2019, a fundamental topic was how the government relates to pharmaceutical manufacturers. A common complaint was that in 2019, estimated sales at these manufacturers were lower since the government halted purchasing from certain players. Pharmaceutical companies will have to migrate to a business model where the government is only one of their main clients.

An opportunity we see for Rossbach is to start participating in the hospital sector. Blood banks and drug repositories within hospitals offer an interesting opportunity. Though we have made approaches, some in the sector believe our solutions are too expensive and not worth it. However, similar to the change of mentality among pharma manufacturers, hospitals will also realize that to guarantee the quality of their service and of their inputs, they have to start continuously measuring critical areas, such as the labs or blood banks. It is an area where we see a great deal of growth opportunity.

Q: What are Rossbach’s three main goals for the medium term?

A: We would like to start participating in blood banks, which are a priority for us. We are also going to keep pushing to make regulations more visible to everyone. Regulations are not a bad thing nor are they our enemy. We want our clients and other players in the market to understand that regulation is their best friend. If a company complies with regulations, it not only ensures the best quality of its product but it is also saving a lot of money in terms of maintenance, repair costs and scrap.


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