Innovation, Social Responsibility in Mexico’s Southeast
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Innovation, Social Responsibility in Mexico’s Southeast

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Alberto Sánchez - Faro del Mayab
Operations Director


Q: What makes Faro del Mayab one of the best hospitals in Mexico’s southern region?

A: In December 2020, we celebrated our first-year anniversary. We have been able to offer an innovative approach to health through the use of technology and state-of-the-art equipment. We are a top choice among the C+ to B population in the Mexican southeast in a developing and growing region of the country. Due to its prosperity, Merida is experiencing an influx of many people to the city and this has enabled us to recruit doctors from different parts of Mexico. This has distinguished Faro del Mayab as a highly inclusive hospital with high-quality standards of attention. Moreover, as part of the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Health System, we guarantee international quality standards for patient attention and safety. At the hospital, we perform thoracic surgery, cardiac catheterization, highly specialized orthopedics and neurosurgery. I can confidently say that we are the best highly specialized hospital in the southeast of Mexico.

Our social responsibility program is another advantage. We work with Global Spine Outreach to provide free scoliosis surgeries to children. Moreover, alongside Operation Smile, we perform around 250-300 free cleft lip and palate surgeries per year. At a local level, Faro del Mayab works with local health authorities and public entities like DIF to treat these ailments, which is also enriching for medical professionals as we work with foreign institutes and state-of-the-art technology.

Alongside local physicians, Faro del Mayab is starting to implement a cochlear implant program, which is commonly used to correct hearing issue in babies, while complementing the treatment with language therapy. Before implementing any new social program, Faro del Mayab solicits the local support of doctors and authorities. This ensures we can expand the programs so they reach the people who need them the most.

Q: What are the prevalent ailments in the southern region of the country?

A: The southeast region has high rates of obesity, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases. This generates appendix and vesicle complications, hernias and urological ailments. The latter are related to the water conditions in the region.

Q: How has Faro del Mayab integrated new technology to improve its offering and performance?

A: Our imaging department is well-equipped, with 1.5T resonance equipment for traumatology and orthopedics’ studies. Faro del Mayab offers angioresonance studies and high-resolution equipment for diagnostic studies. Moreover, we have X-ray machines and the best and newest mammography equipment in the region. Faro del Mayab’s hemodynamic equipment is also the most advanced in the region. In addition, we have a strong department for clinical analysis and a blood bank. To respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we started offering PCR tests for the virus and other respiratory diseases.

All of these are complemented by highly competitive medical professionals who work in our five ORs. Our doctors’ input has been a watershed for our growth as their generational differences have complemented each other and enriched the way we approach and treat patients.

To address COVID-19, through ECMO we were able to treat patients with critical lung conditions who would not have survived without this technology.

Q: What potential does Faro del Mayab have to become a reference for medical tourism in Mexico?

A: Faro del Mayab is working with three companies that focus on medical tourism. They work as intermediaries for foreigners living in Mexico or who have a foreign medical insurance policy and are seeking medical attention with us. Faro del Mayab works with recognized physicians and intermediaries to be able to grow as an international care center. For this segment, we are targeting bariatric, plastic, spine and urological surgery.

Q: How has Faro del Mayab supported the southern region of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: We have an exclusive area dedicated to COVID-19 patients, including five rooms and an intensive therapy room. At one point of the pandemic, we had 12 rooms dedicated to such patients. With this hybrid hospital we are able to respond to the crisis without neglecting non-COVID-19 patients while working for the safety of both. Yucatán has a relatively low rate of COVID-19 patients and this has prevented Faro del Mayab from reaching full capacity.



Faro del Mayab is a specialized medical center in Merida, Yucatán, and part of the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Health System. The hospital offers medical consultation, diagnostic studies, surgical procedures, intensive care, rehabilitation and hemodialysis.

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