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Understanding OR Processes for a Quality Offering

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 10/09/2020 - 17:49

Q: Why are Medical Corporation Group and ANDRé Productos Desechables (APD) the best providers for the Mexican healthcare sector?

A: Medical Corporation Group (MCG) and ANDRé Productos Desechables (APD) are focused on healthcare, both with a sense of awareness regarding the responsibility of the sector on improving people’s health. On the one hand, MCG has 20 years of experience on commercializing and distributing leading brands for medical devices, surgical supplies, nutritional supplements, laboratory products and equipment. MCG has a national presence with five distribution centers in State of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Jalisco, Chihuahua and the newest in Baja California. In the near future, we are hoping to open one in the southeast of the country. APD was founded 10 years ago to allow us to expand into manufacturing. It is a high-quality Mexican manufacturer that produces surgical kits, procedure kits and disposable clothing. Both companies are ISO-certified and APD has a certification in Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitary Registries issued by COFEPRIS. MCG’s focus right now is on attending the national market’s needs but we do hope to start exporting to Latin America and the US.

We focus our work on offering value propositions that provide the most effective and personalized solutions to our customers. Both companies build constructive dialogue according to their specific needs that include medical equipment with cutting-edge technology, custom procedure kits, inventory management, standardization of procedures, clinical consulting and a continuous training program at the hospitals we work with. The needs of the Mexican market are greatly different from those in the US market, so our focus is to combine the products that might be used in other developed markets but in a way that works for Mexico’s particular needs, which involves considering health and socioeconomic challenges unique to our country.

Our goal is to continue developing products and solutions for the niche we identified years ago. I want to perfect what we have been doing and focus on providing the highest quality innovation and most complete service to our customers.

Q: How do MCG and APD choose the companies they represent? What benefits do these companies get from this alliance?

A: MCG and APD are carefully selective when choosing our suppliers. The companies we represent share our corporate vision and purpose. We are interested in building a long-terms partnerships with them as they are mostly well-known multinational companies that offer beneficial products for the population. We never seek the cheaper option. Our main focus is to offer a variety of products of the best quality and at a fair price. We are the authorized distributor in Mexico for important companies, which speaks of our good work and excellent representation in our country. MCG and APD hold constant meetings with our commercial partners to listen to their strategic and financial objectives so that we can align and help them to achieve these.

We look for our partners based on market needs. In Mexico, for example, diabetes and other chronic degenerative diseases are driving a higher demand for products. As a result, our goal is to introduce products related to the care of these conditions. MCG attends expos all around the words to find the latest technologies that would make sense in our context and that would really help to change the life of a patient for the better. We have identified commercial opportunities in treatments for the prevention and care of diseases that require critical attention.  

Mexico still has a long way to go in creating a preventive healthcare culture to avoid these kinds of complications. In the meantime, if we have the clinical and commercial opportunity to offer a solution, we will do it.

Q: What added value does MCG and APD offer to their clients?

A: MCG and APD have broken paradigms. We have been pioneers in the innovation and development of different commercialization models and we are constantly seeking to identify our clients’ true needs to be able to offer a personalized solution. We do not offer a catalog where you can choose from a generic list of options. Andre’s core business, for example, is geared toward personalized orders.

To create a solution for a costumer, we need the opinion of everyone who will be involved in its use. For example, to offer a surgical kit for an obstetrics procedure, we gather the doctors and nurses’ opinions and feedback because they are the ones involved in those procedures. Based on their needs, we build kits that satisfy their needs at the moment of the procedure. This allows our clients to standardize procedures and to reduce their operating expenses. It also improves storage space and processes.

When we started to position APD on the market, we faced well-known international competitors and that, in a way, inspired and pushed us to offer the highest quality, using the best raw materials, and to constantly innovate. APD has its own research and innovation committee that is always searching for the best cost and quality raw materials and components. The company also demonstrates its environmental awareness by adapting some products and their packaging using recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Q: How do MCG and APD promote a preventive healthcare culture?

A: We are very aware of the diseases and problems affecting the Mexican population and because of these, our clinical team is constantly providing training, webinars and workshops targeted toward medical staff to make them aware of all the risks that can be prevented with the right attention at the right moment.

Q: What were the challenges that you faced being a business woman in the healthcare sector?

A: Credibility was the biggest challenge I faced when I started my business but acting in an honest way, doing the right things and having congruence in words and actions is what has put us in the place we are now. Our clients trust MCG and APD and this same trust has provided us with the decision and commitment to put some of our many ideas to work.


Medical Corporation Group and ANDRé Productos Desechables are two Mexican companies dedicated to the development of integral solutions for the hospital sector and the distribution and sell of medical devices, surgical supplies, nutritional supplements, laboratory products and equipment.

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