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Weekly Roundups

ASF will Oversee the Construction of the Santa Lucía Airport

Fri, 02/28/2020 - 11:24

This week, the Minister of Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval and the Head of the Federal Superior Audit (ASF) David Rogelio Colmenares Páramo signed an agreement to follow up on five audits scheduled for the construction of the International Airport at Military Air Base 1 in Saint Lucia. 

The agreement establishes the general bases and mechanisms for the participation of ASF, regarding the construction project of the new air terminal, its interconnection with AICM and the relocation of military installations. 

El Universal published on Tuesday that SEDENA contracted 45 shell companies that received MX$1.8 billion (US$91.2 million) to provide goods and inputs. All of this happened while the public body was in charge of the construction of the perimeter fence and the execution of rainwater works at NAIM. So far, the Santa Lucia airport reports progress of 5.65 percent with an investment of MX$2 billion (US$101.4 million). 

More news below: 

  • FONATUR launched an international tender for the construction of the third section of the Mayan Train, which will travel 157.2km from what will be the Calkiní station in the municipality of Escarcega, Campeche until reaching the Izamal station in Yucatán. The tender will also include the construction of a 15km stretch that will connect to the Merida station. 

  • FUNO reported its financial results for 4Q19 that showed a 7 percent increase in total income during that period to MX$5.1 billion (US$258.3 million).


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