Espriú Resigns From the SCT
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Espriú Resigns From the SCT

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Pedro Alcalá By Pedro Alcalá | Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 07/23/2020 - 18:30

Yesterday, it was reported that President López Obrador had, during his daily morning press conference, touched upon the subject of a dispute between him and SCT leadership. The SCT had rejected his proposal from earlier in the week to allow the Navy to take over custom departments within port facilities. At the time, the president said discrepancies around the proposal were going to be resolved “one way or another.” It seems that resolution has now been reached: according to a report from El Financiero, former SCT Minister Javier Jiménez Espriú resigned from his post and was replaced by Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal. 

Sin Embargo reports that in his resignation letter, Espriú explicitly expressed his disagreement with granting more civil responsibilities to military institutions. The president acknowledged this disagreement when announcing Espriú’s resignation and added simply that he believes that “in addition to good administration, security is needed at ports.”

Ready for more? Here’s the Week in Infrastructure!

FONATUR Commits to Compensation Payments

In an effort to improve the relationships between local communities and the federal government ahead of the construction of the Mayan Train, FONATUR has agreed to pay compensation payments owed for the past 15 years to communities from the Quintana Roo municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. These communities were displaced by the construction of federal highway 307 and were never paid the promised amount to cover their full compensation for this displacement. Now, in an official press release dated July 20, FONATUR promised to make these payments in no more than 15 working days.  

Yucatan Mayor Criticizes Mayan Train

Roger Aguilar Arroyo, Mayor of the Yucatan town of Motul, sent a message to President López Obrador pleading for the construction of more hospitals and the supply of larger pools of medical personnel. He also used this request as a platform to criticize the Mayan Train, saying that it would “be a good project if there was not a pandemic going on.” A report by Aristegui Noticias details the strong and, in some cases, unpublishable words that Aguilar Arroyo directs at both the Mayan Train and Mexico’s current situation in the face of COVID-19. He ends his message by requesting a full change in the course of Mexico’s policies and economy.    

COVID-19 Cases Increase at Santa Lucia Airport 

The construction of the Santa Lucia Airport has not stopped a single day throughout the pandemic. Animal Político reports that SEDENA has announced an increase in COVID-19 cases among workers in this site, both military and civilian. At the end of June, SEDENA had only reported two cases among military staff and two cases among civilian workers. Now, at the end of July, SEDENA reports three civilian cases and six military ones. 

Airbnb Could Be Banned in Mexico City 

MORENA Deputy Leticia Estrada Hernández presented an initiative to replace the existing condominium property law of Mexico City. Her proposal includes an article on the possible ban of Airbnb in the country's capital. 

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