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PMU to Improve Yaqui Communities

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 11/24/2020 - 11:13

The Ministry of Agrarian, Urban and Territorial Development (SEDATU) reported that the Urban Improvement Program (PMU) for the Yaqui communities includes 39 projects with a total investment of MX$280 million (US$14 million).

Román Meyer Falcon, Minister of SEDATU, said PMU has 1,700 housing projects at the moment. He mentioned these are part of the Justice Plan for the Yaqui Communities, reported Real Estate Market & Lifestyle.

In June, President López Obrador said that he was preparing a comprehensive development and urban improvement plan for the Yaqui communities, an ethnic group that has historically been neglected. “Today, I am committing to start a comprehensive development program in the Yaqui communities. It will be a historic act of justice,” reported MBN.

During the second session of the Presidential Commission of Justice, Meyer presented the First Plan that seeks to create working groups that will generate agreements and deliver justice to these communities. The national commitment to assist communities with their infrastructure, housing and agriculture projects was also emphasized, reported Real Estate Market & Lifestyle.

Meyer said in a press release that these projects will respect the human rights and self- determination of indigenous people and communities. PMU aims to compensate the wrong-doings, discrimination and damages that these communities have experienced.

Moreover, to solve the problems related to the Yaqui lands and territories, the commission agreed to compensate the 2,668ha that former President Ernesto Zedillo expropriated. In addition, the commission will regulate the community lands and incorporate the missing areas in the communities’ heritage, said the press release.

It was established that a legal procedure will verify the Yaqui’s legal possessions and lands. This process will be carried out by coordinating actions between traditional authorities and the government, reported the press release.

Luis Hernandez Palacio, an Agrarian Prosecutor, said that for months, the National Institute for Indigenous People (INPI), the National Agrarian Registry (RAN) and the National Ejidal Devolpement Fund (FIFONAFE) have been working on identifying the communities’ properties.

Juan Carlos Martinez, General Coordinator of Planning and Evaluation at INPI, said that these projects seek to implement an intercultural perspective that will cover the communities’ needs in matters of health, education and infrastructure, according to the press release.

During the session, the presidential commission showed the plan for the Yaqui University. Local authorities determined that the university will focus on areas like intercultural education and pedagogy, health and traditional medicine, agriculture, aquaculture, sustainable development and indigenous law and government. This educational agenda aims to strength the Yaqui culture and quality of life, reported the government.

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