Puebla Authorities Restore Highways
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Puebla Authorities Restore Highways

Photo by:   Carlos Aranda
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/25/2022 - 15:32

Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa closed his visit to the state’s Sierra Norte communities with the inauguration of restoration works for the La Uno highway, which connects Venustiano Carranza, Pantepec and Francisco Z.  Mena. 


The project boasts an investment of over US$5 million, financed through the state’s own resources and to be used for the restoration of various highway sections and the construction of new roads. The asphalt layers have already been placed, sealing and masonry works were completed too, as were the painting and lighting. The project also included a capillary break layer and paving works with hydraulic cement concrete.


Barbosa highlighted that the rehabilitation of La Uno highway will be a boon to over 60,000 inhabitants. It will also benefit road safety and ease the transportation of goods, mainly agricultural products. 


“[The project] is a new highway we made to connect three important landmarks, which give access to farming and livestock-producing areas that are of great significance,” Barbosa added. 


Ernesto García, Venustiano Carranza’s Mayor, emphasized that the highway will specially benefit producers of citric fruits and that because the area, which also produces livestock and oil. García added that it had been decades since the road last received maintenance. 


Luis Tenorio, Head, the local Ministry of Infrastructure, added that the project created 502 direct jobs and more than 2,000 indirect jobs, which will ”improve the quality of life of the communities and their inhabitants. “


Following his election, Barbosa committed to address the needs of all 32 regions in Puebla. He furthermore promised that there would be no diverted funds or other corruption scandals during his term.  


Under Barbosa, many of Puebla’s highways of have been revamped. On April 19, Barbosa atended the inauguration of the Coxcatlan-El Tepeyac and Tlacotepec de Porfirio Diaz-Vicente Guerrero highways. As well as of the toll road that connects El Seminario with Tecnologico. Barbosa also visited three sectors of Ajalpan’s roads, all located in Zinacatepec municipality. 


The governor announced the construction of a highway to connect Coxcatlan with Tilapa. The project is currently in its tender phase. He also announced new highways for the Zacatlan and Teziutlan communities. 

Photo by:   Carlos Aranda

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