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Adaptation, Modification of Mineral Processing Plants

By José Manuel de la Torre , Luis González Saucedo | Wed, 10/20/2021 - 09:09

Adapting a process plant, which is carried out by the engineering department, consists of presenting the client with the most optimal option based on the needs and objectives of the project. These can be to increase production or to make the process more efficient, for which the client needs to share information about the state of the areas to be adapted. With this, an analysis of the existing facilities and supporting information is carried out, as well as a survey of the area to define the equipment and facilities that will remain and those that will be updated. Subsequently, a preliminary proposal is presented to the client for approval and to start the development of the detailed engineering. 

Once the client has approved the proposal and the most suitable process for adaptation is defined, the 3D modeling of the existing plant begins, so that all disciplines can work together and develop their corresponding area. Subsequently, the new mechanical equipment is modeled and added to the general model, so that each of the disciplines generates the corresponding information. This information can be used to prepare the calculations of foundations and structures for the civil area, electrical connections and instrumentation for the electrical department, design and modeling of auxiliary equipment for the mechanical department and pipes.

Likewise, when the modeling is ready, each of the disciplines presents advances to the client through plans to receive comments or approval of the information that is shared. This is supported with calculation memories, technical sheets and simulation of auxiliary mechanical equipment, where the client can confirm the correct operation of the equipment. The client can then make use of this information and provide feedback to achieve the project objective thanks to engineering that complies with the standards established in its development. For this reason, constant communication and the exchange of information is the key to the success of the projects carried out by Gruminex.

Once the detailed engineering has been approved, the volume calculation is carried out and that information is sent to the engineering cost department to carry out the scope of the work and issue the corresponding deliverables, such as drawings, concept catalogs and the list of materials and equipment. With this, we present the client the complete project, including cost estimates of the investment required for the project, which meets the objectives of the company.