Rosana Pérez Vega
General Manager
Grupo PEAL
View from the Top

Adapting to Client Needs: the Contractor’s Role

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:02

Q: As a Spanish company with over 50 years in the mining industry, what is the main added value that you deliver to Mexican miners?
A: Mexico is a mining country, as its history in the industry attests. The Mexican mining industry has evolved a great deal and today is a modern sector that relies on big mining companies, mine contractors and an overall strong supply chain. Its huge mineral potential continues to attract foreign investors and service companies, such as PEAL. We are a family company, founded over half a century ago in northern Spain. Since then, we have grown and developed to better adapt to our client’s needs and to the particular market circumstances of such a volatile industry.
We have strived to seize all the opportunities in the industry and remain competitive in the international market. Today, we are a renowned mining and civil works contractor with broad experience working in many mining jurisdictions. It is in our capacity to adapt and learn from our experiences, which has helped us add value to Mexican mining since 2004. Our clients in the country perceive us as a strategic partner and we work hard every day to repay their trust.
Q: What opportunities is Grupo Peal exploring in Mexico and in what projects has it been involved in?
A: Mexico is a traditional mining country, producing a great deal of silver, ore and copper. In the last decade, the main mining states have been Sonora, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Coahuila, San Luis Potosi and Durango. The country has become the No. 1 producer of silver, the ninth producer of gold and the 11th producer of copper in the world. We see a great amount of opportunity within Mexico’s terrains and believe the mining industry can boost the local economy through the creation of new jobs. Grupo Peal has worked in various mines in Sonora, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Baja California. We have worked with various mine operators in the Piedras Verdes, San Francisco, Dolores, Peñasquito, Trinidad, Boleo and Lluvia de Oro mines. We hope to continue collaborating with large mining projects in the country.
Q: How does Grupo PEAL succeed in working with different clients and types of mine operations?
A: Our goal is to be seen by each of our clients as the best option to operate their projects; we want to be their strategic partners. To achieve this, we contribute to our clients having a more cost-effective operation while maintaining their security, quality and environmental standards. In this scenario, the most fundamental feature of our company is the adaptability to our clients’ conduct, ethical and CSR codes.
We add value by adapting to a constantly changing world in terms of politics, social conditions, technology and innovation. We will always fully adapt to our client’s organizational structure and requirements in a proactive way, by constantly monitoring if the client is satisfied or if something should be changed. We grow and evolve along with our clients. As each mining project is different, so are the ways that project owners work. We must understand what our client is looking for and what that client expects from our company. If we know this, we can deliver. We must be seen in the eyes of our client as the partner they need. Our clients’ priorities are our priorities; our success is based on our clients’ success. Quality, the environment, prevention and social responsibility are the core of our operations. Grupo Peal has more than 50 years’ of international experience. Its main area of expertise is in large mining construction projects, as well as civil works. It complies with the maximum prevention, quality and environmental standards in a socially responsible manner, both respecting and protecting the territory in which it works, adding value in the communities and especially to its clients.
Q: What areas of opportunity have you spotted among the Mexican construction and engineering sector?
A: To change the idea surrounding the mining industry. I do believe that there are erroneous concepts regarding mining and this does not only occur in Mexico, but also in other historical mining countries. We have all read or listened to news of a mining accident or of some other unfortunate event that occurred in a punctual or spontaneous manner in a mine that has been operating for many years and in a determined region or country. Despite having resolved the problem and have implemented measures to avoid that this happens again, after years of listening or reading news related with this isolated event, sometimes even distort what happened and the only thing that is done is magnify the event or circumstance. This incites people to believe incorrect ideas about mining in general.
Nevertheless, it is not highlighted or magnified in the news the contribution that mines make to the communities, the population in general, to the industry and the economy in a region or country. And I am not referring specifically to Mexico, this situation also occurs in my country of origin. The area of opportunity that I see is that of making all those misconceptions disappear, so that we can continue advancing and evolving. We will hardly achieve it without the resources obtained from mining.
Q: As a female leader in Mexican mining, what are the misconceptions about women in mining that you would like to set straight?
A: I do not think that there are any misconceptions about women in mining but rather very diverse opinions on the matter. I believe that men and women who live in the same developed world have the chance to decide how to live their lives and how to benefit from opportunities according to their capabilities and priorities. The industry will perceive women as they want to be perceived. While we can find prejudices in the industry, our actions and behavior can help get rid of them, as in any other aspect of life. Nobody can control others’ thoughts but it is in our power to decide who we want to be and the treatment that we want to receive. That is what I decide to focus on.