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Chinese Conveyor Belt Technology

Fernando Jiménez - Excellentia Fervic


Mon, 10/21/2013 - 12:44

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With over 40 years of experience in mechanical precision engineering, Excellentia Fervic manufactures bottle handling systems and conveyor belts, and is currently planning to expand into the Mexican mining industry. “We were collaborating with the TechBA Program, a business accelerator in Madrid, which helps us to identify industries in which we could expand our business. Through Bancomext we identified the mining industry as a business opportunity, since we have product lines that can be adapted to suit its needs, such as conveyor belts,” says Fernando Jiménez, Director of Excellentia Fervic.After identifying this business opportunity the company established a representation agreement with the Chinese company Liaoning Mineral & Metallurgy Group, which has extensive experience in the mining industry. Through this relationship, Excellentia Fervic is opening the Mexican market along with its Chinese partner. “The LMM Group is big and has worked on many important and interesting projects. Excellentia Fervic has the human talent and conveyor belt knowledge, and though we have not yet penetrated the mining market we plan to do so together. We have the service, we just require support from China on the technical side,” Jiménez adds.


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