Mario Salomón
Country Manager
Grupo Multisistemas Seguridad Industrial
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Coordination Among Security Companies, Government Boosts Security

Fri, 12/20/2019 - 13:14

Q: What is your view on the security situation in Mexico?

A: The current administration has not produced the expected results and the trends remain negative. From January to July 2019, murders increased 4 percent versus the same period a year ago. There were 170,000 criminal acts, an increase of 7 percent. Theft and extortion increased, as well. In Mexico City insecurity rates increased. In the face of this worrying picture, the figures clearly indicate we are in need of better and more comprehensive security policies. Indeed, 2019 was the most violent year in the country’s post-revolutionary history.

Q: What measures should authorities take for improving security?

A: Alejandro Desfassiaux, President of Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial, wrote a book called How to Halt Insecurity in Mexico, in which he lists a series of strategies that were shared with President López Obrador. Some of the strategies presented in the book have already been applied, such as upgrading the Deputy Ministry of Public Security to a Ministry of Public Security. Also, the book recommends establishing a National Police Service, integrating Mexico’s different police forces, supported by a top-level national training institute. The National Guard is a good instrument to fight against crime, mainly because it is organized by the army, which is the institution that has the discipline, knowledge and experience to be really effective.

This would lead to consolidating a single police force under a single command. Moreover, the book suggests the development and implementation of an evaluation system to quantify the costs and benefits of our security policy. Furthermore, Mexico has to keep benefitting from the army’s experience in logistics, coordination, structure, training and discipline, which are proven weapons to counteract organized crime. However, it is pointless to build such a structure at the federal level if there is no support at the state and municipal levels. A zero-tolerance policy is essential. Rule of law must be enforced without exceptions. Globally, it has been proven that governments need to be strict in regards to combating crime and stop it from proliferating.

Q: How does a private company like Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial and public organizations as the army reinforce each other to help to secure mining sites?

A: To reinforce security around mining sites, coordination among private security companies, the army and the federal police is necessary. We develop action plans specific to each client. According to each particular need, we coordinate with federal and local security forces to protect our clients. We have had jointed activities with the army and we know they can get the job done because they have the resources and techniques. The key is to be able to dovetail our areas of expertise with those of the pubic security forces. The service we provide is mainly intramural; that is to say, it is focused on protecting our client’s personnel and resources. It is focused on making the client as resistant to any security breach as possible. To guarantee that this service is top of the line, we use the highest standards to select and retain our personnel. The company has 22 security clearance filters when recruiting potential employees. When the job requires that a person carry a weapon, clearances are even more sophisticated. It is not enough to be skilled and in good physical condition: strong mental health is paramount as well. By means of constant communication, sharing of strategic information and cooperation through protocols, our highly-trained personnel work with public security forces, who, as a complement, focus on extramural security.

We carefully assess the unique characteristics of each mining project that demands our services. After that, we determine what is the perfect combination of intra and extramural security measures that are called for and we coordinate with public security forces to generate a comprehensive strategy and action plan.

Q: How does Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial use technology to provide better protection for its mining clients?

A: Our philosophy is to start with prevention, following with deterrence and finally moving into action if necessary. The goal is to develop a security plan that fits the particular needs of each client. If this is done right, then the prevention and deterrence phases are usually enough to prevent aggression. To this end, we complement human resources with technology. A case in point is our C5 Millennium System, which represented an investment of around US$3 million. Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial is the only private security company in Mexico to have its own C5. The system has national coverage and state-of-the-art technology. It includes software for facial recognition, identifying vehicle license plates, setting up smart alarms and conducting real-time video monitoring. We also use drones when required. Our C5 is run by highly specialized personnel trained in data monitoring and analysis. Investing in technology, human resources and infrastructure guarantees that Multisistemas remains the best security option in Mexico’s mining sector. We are at the security industry’s vanguard, assuring our clients a return on their investment that outweighs the cost of our services.

Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial (GMSI) is a Mexican company dedicated to the provision of heritage security services, with the purpose of increasing its added value through the integration of human and technological resources.