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Core Products Continue To Serve A New Industry

Taylor Smith - Vinton Ball
General Manager


Tue, 02/08/2022 - 17:27

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Q: How would you describe Vinton Ball’s product and service portfolio development?

A: Vinton Ball provides grinding media to large mining houses across the industry. We have been in the market for over 40 years as a producer of grinding media. Since our facilities are located in El Paso, Texas, our presence in both the US and Mexico markets is extensive. Vinton Ball is a newly formed joint venture company, but our specialization process has been long term. The products and services that we provide have been demanded by the industry for many decades. They are considered a historical part of the industry’s development and daily operations. However, they have been adapted to the industry’s current state. This is true when you consider that the mining industry goes through cycles that are very specific to this particular sector. The pace of change has accelerated over the last few years. As these changes have taken place, we have seen these cycles become increasingly more positive for our business.

Q: How have you adapted to a changing industry?

A: For example, the ongoing transition to green energy has generated a great deal of interest in copper mining. Copper plays a major role in the energy transition, being an integral element in the core electrical components of EVs, solar panels and wind turbines, just to mention a few key applications. Copper wiring continues to be the central element for energy transmission systems and power grids, so the increase in demand that we are seeing is only going to expand. Demand for rare earth metals and rare earth minerals, particularly lithium, is increasing due to its use in energy storage and transportation. Mines working with both copper and lithium present a particular need for grinding media, so we see those trends as the driving force of our product and service portfolio. Our products have remained the same but our market strategy has evolved and adapted to these new circumstances. The way in which steel is processed needs to be changed to fit materials the miner is working with, so we adapt to our clients’ needs so that the results can be as effective as possible.

Q: What are the defining characteristics of your portfolio in Mexico?

A: We mainly work with larger mining companies and steel firms, especially in the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila and Durango. We are also exploring opportunities in Sinaloa. Much of our competitiveness in the Mexican mining sector comes from our location, which makes us very convenient for Mexican mining firms working in the northern states. Our client portfolio in Mexico has also grown, thanks to our excellent customer service, which in part is based on our response time. We can be present at any location within hours in many of the major mining projects in northern Mexico. This makes us an unmeasurably convenient option for these operators and puts us in a great position in the Mexican market. For this reason, we continue to be very excited about the opportunities we expect to see in this industry.

Vinton Ball provides grinding media to ball mills in the Southwest US and Latin America. Its products are made at its foundry in El Paso, Texas, where the grinding media is transformed from steel scrap to finished product.

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