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Cutting-Edge Explosives Technology Increases Safety, Cuts Costs

Miguel Ángel Ayala Guzmán - Eyenesa
Director General


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 05/25/2022 - 16:40

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Q: Why should miners pick Eyenesa as their explosives supplier?

A: Eyenesa is a reference in the explosives industry because it cherishes technology and security. As a leader in Mexico, the company offers the latest technological products and systems in the blasting environment. To ensure the safety and efficiency that clients need, Eyenesa offers electronic initiators, different types of Ammonium Nitrate, Fuel Oil and special composites (ANFO) explosives and emulsions that use the latest technology.  Furthermore, the company is a distributor of Orica’s products. Orica is the biggest producer of explosives in the world, creating innovative technology. Orica invests a large percentage of its resources in the research and development of technology, unlike other explosives producers. With the support of our partner, we have been able to bring this frontrunning technology to many mines.

Q: What role do your technological tools play in ensuring a safe and efficient blasting operation?

A: There are three elements to a blast. First come the initiators with which the system can control every detonator and detect if any are not connected, making for safer operations. Secondly, Eyenesa produces eight different types of ANFOs, all tailored to the specific necessities of a mine. We can solve problems such as gas contamination or falling rocks in the mine. Lastly, we use emulsion-based explosives that will not ignite accidentally if they are not gasified. Our new generation of emulsions are poured into holes in a stable liquid form, which becomes sensitive during gasification, when it gains the capability to ignite.

Furthermore, Eyenesa offers technological support as well as courses and training to teach clients how to use these elements safely and confidently. New technology is crucial. With it, the main factors of a blast can be set to achieve precise results as size of the rocks, microfractures in rocks, displacement, abundance and damage control in walls .

Q: How do you convince your clients to implement this type of technology?

A: The use of this technology will have an impact on the mine’s production results. Its adoption is not necessarily more expensive and is aimed to reduce costs because the results of the blasting will generate the specific size of rock that mines require right away. This means reducing energy and transportation costs mining companies would otherwise need to spend, as the micro fragmentation obtained by the electronic initiators allows companies more access ore for the lixiviation process, for example. Having a more secure operating site in the mine will also translate to the reduction of fatalities and accidents, which have the added benefit of saving money.

Q: What are Eyenesa’s goals and objectives for 2022?

A: Our first goal is to introduce these new technologies to all our clients and make their mines more productive and save. Furthermore, the sector is facing a lack of raw materials, such as Ammonium Nitrate, the base element needed to manufacture explosives. During the pandemic, supply of this element became limited and subsequently expensive; its price has increased by 270 percent. Therefore, Eyenesa aims to create secure access to this material at the best price to fulfill client demand.


Eyenesa is a leading Mexican company in the sale, distribution and manufacturing of explosives for the mining and construction industries.

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