Design Strategy Behind the QSK60

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 13:48

Mexico’s mining companies are focused on the performance of their equipment and the capacity of their manufacturers to provide improvements in the areas of service, quality, cost and lead times. Mines also want to maintain stability, avoiding the involvement of multiple parties, so as to reduce disruption and inconsistency across their operations.

Cummins’s strategy to becoming the best power provider in the market is based on bringing improvements to its customers’ operations and improving the operational efficiency and technical capacity to diagnose problems, and repair and rebuild engines. Cummins has a broad and highly capable customer support network, with 550 distributor locations, 5,000 dealer locations and 13 regional parts distribution centers worldwide, ready to support each engine on a mine site. In order to reinforce these services Cummins has designed the QSK60. Based on quantum technology, over 1,700 QSK60 engines have been installed on mining haul trucks, excavators and wheel loaders worldwide, with proven reliability and excellent serviceability. The company also highlights the robust design, large diameter journals that support a stiffened crankshaft with lower torsional stress, and an extra-wide design that has high-contact spur gears, allowing the machinery to handle bigger, heavier loads. Having been designed for multiple rebuild cycles, the QSK60 engine has the best warranty in the business, offering full engine coverage for the first year of operation regardless of the number of hours of operation; full engine coverage in the second year is also valid for up to 2,000 hours of total operation; and a major components coverage program for three years, up to a total of 10,000 hours of operation. The company can also go further, with flexible extended warranty plans that enable the customer to choose the best coverage for its operations, either by extending the first year of unlimited hours and full coverage to the second or third year, or by specifying the number of annual hours the company would like full coverage for in the second or third year