Innovative Solutions for Accurate Drilling
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Innovative Solutions for Accurate Drilling

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Mon, 10/22/2018 - 16:03

Hitting drill targets while maintaining productivity is a big challenge in mining. Due to the costs involved in drilling, access to quality survey data in real time is critical to managing the risk of drilling unnecessary holes and even missing the target completely. Accurate and reliable survey data gives mining companies the confidence to make informed drilling decisions, quickly. To tackle this challenge, IMDEX leading brands AMC and REFLEX provide end-to-end solutions to allow the accurate intersection of targets. The IMDEX Downhole Navigation meets complete downhole needs, from surveying the hole and projecting the creation of drilling programs to fast and accurate rig alignment. This innovative solution monitors the directional progress of the individual borehole with a specified directional drilling software.
Understanding the need to innovate in the industry, IMDEX’s latest advancement in gyro technology is the REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ, the fastest and most accurate north-seeking gyro in the mineral exploration industry. This gyro provides survey data in record time, surveying three times faster and twice as accurately as regular gyros, covering over 150m per minute. The GYRO SPRINT-IQ also allows surveying at any angle and in single or multi-shot and continuous modes. It integrates with IMDEXHUB-IQ, the company’s award-winning cloud-based web portal, to ensure instant access to results and data anywhere and at any time.
IMDEX also focuses on serving structural geologists through leading instrumentation and software for the effective discovery, planning and production of ore bodies. These integrated end-to-end solutions enable resource companies to benefit from real-time and secure access to verified structural data directly from the field, improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk from manual intervention.
Each individual component of IMDEX’s offering also provide sstandalone productivity benefits for clients. A recent case study of a project in Mongolia demonstrated the improvement in the integrity of its structural model while significantly enhancing workflows. The company was encountering variable core quality and data with a significant number of holes that were either not orientated or drilled close to vertical. A large number of these holes were subparallel and had not been adequately classified. Geologist Nick Oliver from HCOV Global began using the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER and the structural measurements were seamlessly integrated with IMDEX ioGAS, which enabled a robust fault classification to be created in real time.

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