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L&H Industrial’s Solutions Go Beyond OEM Offerings

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 06/01/2021 - 16:38

Q: Why should a company choose L&H Industrial over an OEM to revamp or improve its heavy machinery?

A: The main factor is that we work closely with our clients. Whenever clients have a problem, we can innovate within our engineering department to make modifications, produce components and take on projects, working side by side with them. We specialize in having a personal contact with our clients. Most of our shops are right next to the customer. They can visit our facilities, look at the product themselves and make sure that it is what they are looking for. If changes are needed, we can accommodate that. In addition, our quality standard not only meets expectations but goes the extra mile. This strategy has allowed us to continue selling for almost 15 years.

Q: What is behind L&H’s up to 50 percent improvement in the original life span or efficiency of the equipment?

A: Our engineers are our experts in the field. We look at the product and equipment, analyze them and do our research around them. We talk to our customers to understand where they need improvements and recommend appropriate solutions. Then we do field tests until we reach the point where customers are satisfied with the increase in the useful life of their equipment. Each problem has specific conditions and for this reason, we try to generate appropriate solutions that match the needs of each client.

Q: What role does L&H play in extending the life of an operation?

A: The operational equipment, like any other equipment, cannot always be operating at its maximum capacity. That is impossible. For example, if a company has equipment that is running at 95 percent of its capacity, through innovation, we can increase it to 97 percent. It is a small percentage increase but the downtime on this type of equipment can lead to significant financial losses. We do not offer a specific percentage increase, but we generally aim for that extra 1 or 2 percent in all equipment.

Q: What added value is your Omega division providing to customers?

A: Our Omega products have 33 percent more useful life. We build a prototype, test it with our client, get enough data, and as soon as we prove it is successful, we call it an Omega product. These are products in which we work for a long time with clients and as soon as the products are proven, they become part of our division.

Q: Given the conditions under which mining equipment operates, what is the ideal scenario for companies in terms of parts replacement to optimize total cost of ownership?

A: It is difficult to say, given that the mining sector has many ups and downs. Mining operations must always meet specific maintenance standards, both preventive and corrective. However, some mining operations work around cost reduction, so it is up to the mines how they manage their equipment. Each country, market and company are different, and we try to adapt to them. We can work with clients who really appreciate maintenance programs and with companies that only perform emergency repairs. We can tailor our solutions to both.

Q: How stringent are Mexican companies in terms of heavy equipment safety and efficiency, when compared to foreign companies?

A: When a foreign company takes over a project, it tends to have a greater focus on safety and its standards are beyond other Mexican companies. That is where you can see that their equipment is better because there is more maintenance and care. Mexican mining companies have come a long way and are increasingly improving their standards. However, they continue to lag foreign companies.

Q: How frequently does L&H design build‐to‐suit solutions for companies in Mexico?

A: That is done mainly for our Canadian and American clients, where aspects such as safety play an important role in the decisions made. That is why we have started offering updates and tailored solutions for their projects. We really want to start working with some of these solutions in Mexico, as we can design a product that is tailored to a company’s specific needs. However, we still need to gain their trust that we can do the same job as an OEM, which we can. That is the reason for promoting these solutions and their benefits in Mexico.

Q: What is L&H focusing on this year?

A: This year, our main focus is on renovating and expanding facilities in different sectors. In fact, we are considering purchasing another facility in Mexico to expand our presence. In Mexico, there is a tendency to manufacture more products in the country instead of buying from others. Companies rely more on the quality and technical workmanship that the Mexican market can offer. We believe that this is one of our advantages since we have facilities in Mexico, and we seek to expand them. We will also focus on research and development regarding our products.

L&H Industrial was founded in 1964 and headquartered in Gillette, Wyoming. The company is a leader in technology innovations, custom manufacturing, and comprehensive services for heavy industrial machinery used in mining, oil and gas and other sectors.

Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst