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Life-Cycle Cyanide Solutions for Maximal Efficiency, Safety

By Alejandro Ehrenberg | Tue, 05/26/2020 - 14:13

Q: How does Cyanco thrive during the current healthcare crisis?

BC: Cyanco is fortunate to serve in the gold and silver mining sector, which has seen less disruption than some industries, as it is categorized as essential. That said, Cyanco’s leadership team quickly realized the potential impact that the looming pandemic might have. So, we took action as early as January 2020 and implemented a three-prong response plan, including a focus on Workforce Protection, Supply Continuity and Contingency Planning. For example, we built our inventories of raw materials and finished goods, added back-up supply chain vendors, and increased employee cross-training to ensure coverage if someone became ill. Each business unit also expanded their contingency plans to prepare for any potential impact across our production and supply functions. We believe that our fast and decisive actions made a critical difference and allowed us to continue to supply our customers without interruption.

Q: What steps is Cyanco taking to minimize COVID-19 risks at its facilities?

BC: Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S), Human Resources and Operations teams quickly implemented a Workforce Protection program to prevent the virus spread at our facilities. We developed new training materials to reinforce our employee’s awareness about COVID-19. All non-production employees were asked to work from home. Visitors and non-essential personnel are not currently allowed onsite. We implemented essential visitor temperature checks and screening questionnaires for everyone who enters our gates. Once inside the facility, there are strict social distancing measures in place, masks are worn at all times and we require adherence to diligent health and cleaning protocols. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and compliance, as of today, there are no reported COVID-19 cases at Cyanco.

Q: Has the Coronavirus pandemic impacted your production and supply activities?

BC: Our company’s integrated business infrastructure, contingency planning and overall resiliency have allowed us to continuously supply all customers on a normal 24/7 basis.  Our finished goods inventories are healthy, and we built our raw material inventories to guarantee ongoing production. Our ability to move product is anchored by Cyanco’s world-class logistics system, enabling us to deliver solid or solution sodium cyanide on time, to wherever it’s needed. We are also in constant communication with our customers. In this way, we are able to monitor order forecasts and quickly respond to any changing order dynamics. This is especially critical to the successful oversight of their vendor-managed inventories.

Q: How is Cyanco investing and preparing for the future?

BC: As we work through today’s challenges, we believe it is important to continue to invest in our expansion and improvement programs. These initiatives are helping us to boost our data quality, increase collaboration between teams and improve our forecast and delivery accuracy, which have helped us to succeed over the past few months. On the customer side, our technical and continuous improvement services are also being expanded at mines, helping them achieve new efficiencies and optimizing their mineral extraction. Lastly, Cyanco is continuing to invest in its research & development pipeline as well as hire exceptional people.

Q: Moving forward, what do you consider Cyanco’s biggest competitive advantage?

BC: Cyanco takes a full lifecycle view of our products: from manufacturing - to sale - to delivery and use - to detox and disposal. We work hard to help our customers use our products responsibly and with due care. Our Applied Technology Services group offers equipment and services that optimize customers’ sodium cyanide use, helping them improve process efficiency, increase mineral extraction and lower operating costs. Cyanco has also developed several proprietary technologies to help keep miners’ operations safe and compliant.

Q: What problem do Cyanco’s effluent treatment and detoxification systems solve?

LM: Once the sodium cyanide has done its job of extracting the gold or silver from the ore, some residual cyanide may remain in the mine’s effluent. At Cyanco, we have developed a number of proprietary technologies to detoxify this residual cyanide and offer these technologies to our customers to keep their operations environmentally safe and sustainable.

Cyanco’s highest priority is to ensure that no person or wildlife, is injured or suffers adverse health effects, and no harmful environmental impact is caused through the production, transportation or use of our product. As such, we make sodium cyanide detoxification, along with many other safety, training and optimization services, a focus in our overall value-proposition package. This, in turn, helps our customers to protect human health while safeguarding the environment.

Cyanco produces, delivers and implements sodium cyanide for gold and silver mining.


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