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Mining Sector Seeks to Reactivate Concessions

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 04/22/2021 - 18:14

Mexican mining sector representatives have requested the reactivation of concessions, as they are necessary to boost investment. Additionally, Mexico could become an example of responsible mining. However, more support and dialogue with the government is needed. Furthermore, SEMARNAT assured that the approval of the expansion of Boleo mine is still being analyzed, after President López Obrador said it was rejected.

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Mexican Mining Sector Asks the Government to Reactivate Concessions

Industry representatives have asked the government to authorize more concessions, since no new concessions have been granted since 2019. In a webinar organized by the Association of Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mines of Mexico (AIMMGM), Fernando Alanís, President of CAMIMEX, explained that many mining projects are paralyzed due to this concession halt and because SEMARNAT has stopped developing environmental impact studies. "It is important to ask our environmental authorities if we can sit down and have a dialogue to understand exactly the reasons or how we can work together to expedite these permits," said Alanís.

Mexican Mining Sector Needs More Support to Become a Global Reference

During the AIMMGM webinar, it was emphasized that Mexico has a modern and responsible mining industry, with the ability to become a global reference. However, more support and dialogue with the government is needed to achieve this, said AIMMGM President Sergio Almazán Esqueda. In the last 20 years, mining companies have invested US$9.8 billion in exploration, which has allowed the country to improve its information and processes. However, according to Grupo México's Director of Exploration, Alfonso Martínez, the challenge remains to organize, systematize and make information available to the entire community.

Boleo Mine’s Petition Has Not Been Rejected

SEMARNAT announced that it has not yet made a decision on the expansion of the Boleo Mine that operates in Baja California Sur. In 2019, Minera Boleo requested to extend its environmental permit to cover an additional 446ha as its resources are running out. If it is not expanded, its operations would have to close. SEMARNAT said that the president’s comments on the rejection of the request based on no new concessions being granted are incorrect, as the request is still pending. It was also explained that the company has the concession area, so no new concessions would be granted.

Torex Gold to Build Solar Plant at Morelos Property

Torex Gold (Torex) announced that it has reached an agreement with Scatec, a global renewable energy producer, to use the latter’s Release solution to build an 8.5MW solar plant at its Morelos property, which includes the El Limon Guajes mine and Media Luna project. The new project will reduce Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 8.6 percent compared to 2019 records. “The new facility will complement our existing power supply with a renewable energy source that demonstrates we are serious about reducing our carbon footprint, with a view toward carbon neutrality over time,” said Jody Kuzenko, President and CEO of Torex.

SilverCrest Announces Drill Results in the Babicanora Area

SilverCrest Metals Inc. (SilverCrest) released its drill results from the Babi Vista Vein Splay, Babi Vista Vein, Granaditas 1 Vein, Granaditas 2 Vein and adjacent hanging wall and footwall veins in the Babicanora Area of its Las Chispas Project in Sonora. SilverCrest announced it is focusing on Las Chispas to expand the existing mineralized footprints in areas close to its upcoming underground development. “The primary aim of our 2021 program will be to grow the Mineral Resources and Reserves and complete optimization work to support further enhancements to the already robust economics of the Las Chispas Project,” said Eric Fier CEO of SilverCrest. 

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