Lenin Escobedo
Country Manager
View from the Top

Software Bolsters Control of an Operation

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:22

Q: Why should companies invest in digital technologies for their operations?
A: Datamine offers software for what we call optimization solutions. These are applicable across the whole value chain of mining, from prospection and exploration, to the mining operation itself and the logistics of delivery. They provide the ability to manage a detailed operational plan, from the short to long term. Through the use of different parameters and indicators, companies can map out a variety of scenarios to help with decision-making. For example, a company can anticipate the course of its operation under different market price rates. The ability to plan over the long term is important in this industry.  
Q: How would you measure the benefits of your programs?
A: The benefits are in the savings our clients experience in all areas. Being able to anticipate where you will stand in half a year, a year or longer allows for wiser investment strategies. In the shorter term, having better control of your operation allows you to run your business more effectively. You can monitor spending in different areas, manage your equipment and teams better by monitoring their behavior and determine when you are going to carry out maintenance. Overall, this creates a better flow from beginning to end.
Q: What specific solutions do you offer?
A: We offer more than 26 products and are in the process of launching new products. In the area of geological analysis, our staple tool is called Discover. This software allows you to compile and analyze geo-scientific data in 2D and 3D images. It can be used from the prospection phase, through to drilling. Recently, we upgraded Discover to make it available as a mobile app. Another key software is Sirovision, which is a drone-driven mapping tool that creates 3D images of open pit or underground mines. This is useful for a variety of purposes, such as conducting a stability analysis. Our star product, however, is Studio RM. This is used to produce models of resources and reserves. It can represent information such as geological structure, mineralization and grade while combining data from samples and images. Studio UG is our solution for underground mines. It allows you to integrate mine designs and different scenarios when scheduling an operation. The operation can be updated in seconds. Studio OP is used for open pit mining. Both these packages make use of EPS software, which is a scheduling and communication platform. Another important software product is NPV, which allows you to combine many different utilities, from pit optimization, to mineral mixes and ore control, to scheduling what machines need to be used and personnel teams. Our MineMarket software maps the entire process of production and delivery logistics and can adapt to fluctuating market prices.
One of the advantages of these software products is that they not only give the mining company more control, they provide its clients and financing partners certainty about its operation.
Q: What success cases best illustrate the impact of your software solutions?
A: Both Fresnillo and Grupo Peñoles make use of our technologies in all their operations and have done so since 1996. We also have other clients, such as Leagold, Pan American Silver, Grupo Mexico and Autlan to mention some of them, for whom we provide recommendations on our software and training for their engineers. These technologies have had a significant impact on how decisions are made. Now, you can collect a lot more data and generate models in a much shorter time. With the use of cloud technology, information can be shared and edited in real time.
Q: What do you want to achieve over the next year?
A: Our primary target is to consolidate in the area of open pit mines. We also want to promote the fact that we do not just offer mine modeling software. We also provide a variety of solutions for the commercial and logistics area. Our software is made to optimize the entire value chain.