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Sustainability: Top Priority for Metso Outotec

By Karin Dilge | Tue, 10/04/2022 - 15:04

Metso Outotec is highly committed to the environment, which is why the company’s product offering is aligned with sustainable goals and building a more sustainable sector.

This past week, the company organized the Metso Outotec Day, titled Sustainability from the Mineral to the Metal. Throughout the day, the company organized conferences on its products and how they not only make the mining operation more efficient but also sustainable.

Experts of the company delved into the financial, environmental and operational advantages of these products and shared their applications. What is more, some of Metso Outotec’s biggest clients like Grupo México, Peñoles and Fresnillo sent equipment operators to talk about their experiences with the application of the company’s products. All expressed a satisfactory review and lauded the improvements seen since the implementation. 

The company’s Megaliner, for example, has helped its customers improve maintenance efficiency. At Buena Vista de Cobre, a Grupo México asset, the problem of needing to reduce downtime was solved with the implementation of Megaliner, going from 7 to 4 days. Moreover, a lighter lining weight offered noticeable energy savings. Megaliner also improved grinding as the liner design optimizes the process of lifting the grinding equipment to create a cascade effect. Finally, it increased the wear life of this liner by 50 percent. 

The process of grinding, mill lining and pumping is imperative during the mining operation, as it represents around 3 percent of the global energy consumption. According to Metso Outotec, optimizing these circuits through the implementation of innovative technologies and strategies is essential to reduce their economic and environmental impact in this critical stage of the mining process. 

One successful case is found at the Madero project, owned by Grupo Peñoles, where the challenge was to increase grinding efficiency. The solution was the company’s Poly-Met, which showed a 6 percent improvement in specific energy consumption, a significant reduction in the mill’s bearing pressure of around 30 percent, a 45 percent weight reduction. Furthermore, the total charge inside the mill increased by approximately 4 percent.

To offer the best solution, the company monitors grinding and lining performances to evaluate and design solutions. It then provides customers with a custom-made application, allowing them to get better results.

Photo by:   Metso Outotec
Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst