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Aguascalientes Invests in Better Mobility

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Mon, 01/18/2021 - 08:46

Last week, the government of Aguascalientes highlighted the progress of two mobility projects that aim to transform transportation in the city. The first is the terminal of the new Integrated Multimodal Public Transport System of Aguascalientes (SITMA) Los Negritos, which started operating on Jan. 11, reports LJA Aguascalientes.

SITMA will have four more multimodal terminals: Mahatma Gandhi, Barberena Vega, Villas de Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion and another one in the north of the city. The project also aims to improve connectivity in urban transport units. SITMA aims to make mobility in the city more efficient, safer and accessible. “The goal is to transform the public transportation system that had been forgotten for the past 30 years by authorities and that was operated by carriers through the Alliance of Urban and Suburban Carriers of Aguascalientes (ATUSA),” said Gustavo Gutierréz de la Torre, of the State’s General Mobility Coordination (CMOV), to Líder Empresarial.

Martín Orozco Sandoval, Governor of Aguascalientes, said that these efforts will allow for a more modern and sustainable Aguascalientes. SITMA will benefit over 260,000 public transportation users, announced Orozco Sandoval, according to LJA Aguascalientes. The governor wants these mobility efforts to enable change through a more interconnected system that will allow for bike riding, as well as vehicles, taxis and small buses, which he highlighted was one of the promises the current administration made during its campaign.

Orozco Sandoval also said that all units will be protected and future changes will be implemented to develop more integrated travel options with a single payment system, less waiting time and fewer accidents. The goal is to make transportation more efficient, sustainable and inclusive, which will allow people to choose urban transportation over personal vehicles, reports LJA Aguascalientes. Noel Mata Atilano, Minister of Public Works, explained that the project, which was built in around 11 months, received an investment of MX$72.4 million (US$3.7 million), according to LJA Aguascalientes. The Negritos terminal has the capacity for 75 public transportation units, as well as parking spaces for bicycles, vehicles and buses from other states.

The second project focuses on the installation of smart traffic lights at five points within the city, which will require a MX$11 million (US$560,000) investment. “These traffic lights register the hours of highest vehicle traffic and can use that information to self-program to extend the duration of the red or green light and allow for better fluidity in the second beltway,” told Ricardo Serrano Rangel, General Mobility Coordinator, to Yahoo Noticias. The budget for this project came from the cancellation of two vehicular bridges the city had planned. Instead, the city invested in more fluid mobility through the installation of traffic lights.

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