Jaime Aparicio
Global COO
View from the Top

Local Expertise to Change Ride-hailing Game

Sat, 09/01/2018 - 10:34

Q: How will Easy’s acquisition of Yaxi improve the company’s operations and service portfolio in Mexico?
A: Technological and market expertise is an advantage that enables us to better cater to the specific needs of drivers and passengers in Mexico. This acquisition will double our existing fleet, which translates into a faster and higher-quality transportation service for passengers. As the pool of drivers grows, Easy can apply stricter regulations to ensure service quality. This transaction will also help strengthen our drivers’ business through the unification of two platforms into a single consolidated service. Unifying our technologies helps us merge the two market segments that Yaxi and Easy had so that drivers only need one app to offer their services. While that may sound simple, reducing the number of apps that drivers need is a key advantage. Having only one app running translates to lower battery and memory consumption and better smartphone performance.
Q: What advantages does Easy bring to the Mexican market, versus competition like Uber and DiDi Chuxing?
A: Latin America is our target market and we have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of its cities. Yaxi and Easy were the first car-hailing platforms to appear in Mexico, as well as the first Latin American companies that tried to optimize the way vehicles were used to transport people in urban areas. Easy started to change the mobility mindset of drivers and passengers in 2013. This has taught us plenty about the needs and behavior of drivers in cities like Mexico City, Puebla and Queretaro. The combination of this expertise and our focus on the Latin American market gives us the ability to mold our technology to the specific needs of these markets, something that more robust international platforms cannot do.
Q: How has the market reacted to Easy’s mobility proposal?
A: On the drivers’ side, their mindset and business has taken a 180° turn. Not only do taxi drivers now see digital platforms as an option to improve their activities, but also as a completely new market segment that offers access to employment and income. On the passengers’ side, the use of Easy and other platforms has grown aggressively to the point that most people are now aware of the existence of ride-hailing solutions. Easy is today the second-largest player in Mexico’s ride-hailing market. In 2017, the number of trips completed through the Easy platform reached triple-digit growth. With the acquisition of Yaxi, we are confident we will reach similar figures in 2018. The market has grown significantly but still most trips throughout the city are managed outside the ride-hailing market. There is still room to go and conquer.
Q: What effect have ride-hailing services had on vehicle ownership in Mexico?
A: Some people are starting to realize they no longer need to own a vehicle, but others have yet to let go of this mindset. Our ultimate goal as a company is to strive for cleaner and more agile mobility in congested urban centers like Mexico City. We are part of a larger mobility scheme and whether it is by commuting by bicycle, electric motorcycle or ride-sharing services, having fewer cars on the road will increase the quality of life of both users and non-users of ride-hailing services.
Q: What are Easy’s strategic priorities to expand its operations?
A: There are three main areas of opportunity for us to grow in 2018. We need to work on branding so that more people use ride-hailing transportation within cities and recognize the added value that Easy offers. We also need to aggressively increase the number of service providers available through our platform so waiting times are reduced and passenger experience is improved. Finally, Easy needs to boost security for both users and drivers using the platform. This is a sensitive challenge. While branding and growth are matters of operational capacity, creativity and strategy execution, boosting security requires research, technological improvements, monitoring and collaboration between private and public players that usually have different interests and agendas.

Easy is a Brazil-based ride-hailing technology company that offers urban transportation services through its Easy app. The company operates in 170 cities in 12 countries, including Mexico