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Schlumberger’s Pivot; Puebla Sees Retail Growth

By MBN Staff | Thu, 01/14/2021 - 17:22

Schlumberger explained its plans about delivering higher efficiency to its partners, while Grupo Gerez explained that expecting the unexpected was one fact that had driven its success. Meanwhile, it was announced that Braskem Idesa would resume production at Etileno XXI and tens of gas stations would be opening in Puebla this year.

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Schlumberger Offers Glimpse Into Big Plans for Geomarket Services

Sonia Castellanos, Geomarket Manager Mexico and Central America at Schlumberger, recently took time to tell us about the big pivot on customer performance the company is currently taking. From service provider, Schlumberger is looking to become a partner to its clients to deliver a higher level of service and drive their success. To do this, the company will reimagine its work processes and, with the aid of enhanced data analytics, move toward an intensified level of efficiency that cuts costs and offers value creation.

For us, the key differentiator when it comes to digitalization is the ability to use data analytics. We are working to properly integrate analytics so that we can incorporate the positives into the entire chain of workflows, rather than having silos of digital utilization in different stages or companies. The integration is absolutely essential in making workflows more efficient,” said Castellanos.


Braskem Idesa Restarts Production in Etileno XXI

Braskem SA announced that Braskem Idesa will resume polyethylene production following actions taken by CENEGAS in December that caused the shutdown of the Etileno XXI plant.

CENEGAS chose to shut off the natural gas supply to the plant due to a dispute over ethane supply between Braskem Idesa and PEMEX over the contract terms of its ethane supply agreement which the Mexican government believes to be unfair, reported NGI.

Etileno XXI relies on natural gas for its petrochemical process with Braskem Idesa reporting that the sudden shutoff resulted in negative consequences for its customers, employees and the hundreds of businesses that are part of the value chain.


Plan B Always Needed Says Logistics Company Grupo Gerez

While the Energy Reform delivered opportunities for Grupo Gerez to expand its logistics network across the country, it is the company’s insistence on having a backup plan, should the initial plan go awry, that has brought about its success, CEO Javier Gerez told MBN this week.

The company has locations on both sides of the US-Mexico border and is leveraging partnerships to move into the southern region of Mexico after successfully aiding TC Energía’s Texas-Tuxpan pipeline project.

Of the early major projects that arrived following the Energy Reform was the TC Energía Texas–Tuxpan pipeline project, which travels from Port Isabel in Texas, to Altamira, and in to Tuxpan. Grupo Gerez was one of the customer brokers involved with bringing this project to Mexico. We were elected to import 17 vessels for Allseas and some more for subcontractors, which were contracted for the engineering and installation of 685km of 42-inch pipeline. We brought more than 6,000 shipments into Mexico to support the operation,” said Gerez.


Puebla’s Retail Sector to Grow

Thirty gas stations are set to open in Puebla this year, bringing positivity to a sector that has been dealt a harsh blow over the last 10 months.

ONEXPO President Rafael Zorrilla Alanís said that there had been plans to open 100 stations in Puebla but that the pandemic had slowed plans considerably. At the moment, the association is certain that 30 will open in 2021.

The entire investment that has gone into the planning and construction of the 100 stations is reported to be around US$1 billion, while the opening of the 30 stations should generate around 900 jobs.

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