Hugo Morán
VP and General Manager, Latin America Business Unit
TESCO Corporation
View from the Top

Servicing Onshore Drilling Contractors

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 17:10

Q: What drives Tesco’s innovation process, how does the company select winning technologies, and to which extent do your clients participate in the process?

A: TESCO Corporation is offering technology and services to optimize drilling processes, always attempting to create increasing value for our clients. We use global field studies to develop technology, in which we identify opportunities for improvement from the point of view of operation and maintenance of drilling equipment. Afterwards, our research and development (R&D) department begins developing technologies at our fabrication center in Calgary, Canada, and our operational base in Houston, Texas. Essentially, the end product created by our R&D centers always strives to reduce drilling risk and damage to equipment and human capital, while at the same time reduce non-productive drilling times and costs.

Q: Which opportunities has the introduction of the integrated service contracts (ISCs) created for TESCO, and how do you expect this to develop in the future?

A: Pemex is our number one client, and we are extremely positive about the policies being implemented and the upcoming energy reform. Currently, we work with Pemex on developing and implementing new technologies to optimize onshore and offshore drilling operations. We have been able to offer an increasing range of services to Pemex in recent years as a result of the company’s shift towards the application of state-of-the-art technologies.

In my opinion, the fact that Pemex is convinced of the need to strengthen its technological capabilities has increased the company’s overall drilling performance. TESCO has been present along the way, offering state- of-the-art technology to improve drilling efficiency and reduce costs and risk. I have no doubt that due to these technologies Pemex has been able to optimize its drilling processes, reduce non-productive drilling times, and, most importantly, improve the safety of drilling operations. Demonstrating our commitment to working with Pemex, TESCO Corporation has its largest top drive fleet in Mexico, and we are also working on the automation, optimization, and mechanization of Pemex’s drilling equipment in the Southern region. The new ISCs have allowed us to penetrate another market, tackle new challenges and opportunities, and find new clients. However, the benefit is mutual, since the ISCs have allowed Pemex to optimize its operations with the introduction of new technologies, which have been crucial in obtaining better drilling results.

Q: What are the main drilling challenges that Pemex is currently facing?

A: Pemex’s main drilling challenges are reducing risk and becoming more efficient and flexible in drilling operations. In order to become more efficient, you must eliminate accidents, which in turn reduces drilling times and costs, adding value to your company. TESCO is completely focused in this area, which is our main competitive advantage in the drilling industry.

Q: What is your perspective on the success of the introduction of new drilling technology in Chicontepec, and which role is TESCO playing in the process?

A: Chicontepec will play an important part in Mexico’s energy future. However, a lot of exploration, development, and production challenges will have to be overcome for the field to meet these high expectations. I personally believe Pemex is advancing in the right manner and taking the necessary steps to develop Chicontepec efficiently and turning it into the Pemex jewel it should be. TESCO Corporation made an important contribution to the progress made, in which horizontal wells and top drive technology played an important role.