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State Drug Distributor to be Created/ No Water Shortages

By Alessa Flores | Thu, 07/30/2020 - 11:09

Health sector reform and creation of a public medicines distributor.

President López Obrador explained that previously there was a commercial monopoly for the sale of medical supplies, so many "were overpriced and of poor quality." Therefore, the objective of the reform is to allow the purchase of medications abroad so that through the UN, Mexico can acquire drugs at the best price and quality. "This is going to help Mexico solve the problem of shortages of medicines and medical supplies, and of corruption in the health sector," he said. López Obrador also announced the federal government would open a drug distributor to oversee delivery of necessary medical supplies to the population. "It is outrageous that chips and sodas can reach the whole country, but medications cannot. This is going to change," he said.


There will be no water shortage for farmers or citizens.

President López Obrador denied that the Water Treaty between Mexico and the US would lead to a shortage of this resource for Mexicans. "The treaty has been present for many years. Through the treaty, the US has received water from Mexico and vice versa since 1944 at the Bravo River. There will be no shortage. Do not let yourself be manipulated by those people who want to take political advantage of this situation," he said. However, López Obrador also stressed that the federal government aims to review illegal activities around water and eradicate water misuse, two factors that could compromise access to water for farmers and citizens.


The worst is over and Mexico is recovering.

The pandemic began to affect Mexico inMarch, which has led to the loss of jobs and the economic downturn, López Obrador explained. "As productive activities closed, the economy stopped. In April, half a million jobs were lost. In the following month, about 340,000 jobs were lost and in June, more than 82,000," he said. So far, the pandemic has led to an estimated loss of 1 million jobs, but it is expected that during the month of July the economy will recover. A good indicator of recovery is that in July there have only been 4,000 jobs lost, added to other indicators that suggest a slight improvement. “The worst is over and Mexico is recovering,” said López Obrador.


State workers will remain in home office for two more months.

A statement from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) indicated that children will not return to school this upcoming term. President López Obrador was questioned about the return of state workers for the month of August. to which he replied "that the workers will not return for another two months. They will return to their workplaces on Oct. 1. Only activities related to the presidency, the health sector and other key activities of public life will continue to work normally."


The army will not participate in the Toluca train line.

López Obrador estimates that the Toluca train is expected to be completed in two years, given pending work. He also stated that the army will not participate in the construction of the train line and that the companies in charge are well-trained and have sufficient budget to complete it.


Isabel Arvide Limón named consul of Mexico in Istanbul, Turkey.

President López Obrador explained that diplomatic experience is not essential to serve as a consul abroad, and clarified that embassies are in place for diplomatic, political and economic relations. The consular functions are limited to providing aid and assistance to Mexicans in other countries, functions that Arvide will be performing with the help of a qualified team. López Obrador explained that the appointment "was recognition of a person who does not live in luxury, but who also has more than 40 years of experience in journalism in Mexico."

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