Aldonza Ramírez
Co-owner and COO
Dominion Corporate Housing
View from the Top

A Home Away from Home

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 12:14

Q: What opportunities in the Mexican market led you to create a corporate housing offer?

A: We started in the Mexican market 20 years ago with a property that was originally intended for diplomats and representatives of the US Embassy in Mexico City. We then developed this concept to offer executives and diplomats safe and comfortable services to facilitate their stay in Mexico. Later we began to formally integrate hotel services, which has been a success to date. Dominion Corporate Housing has evolved into a real-estate operator that offers hotel services to its guests.
Q: What characteristics do you look for in properties that will be included in your corporate housing offer?

A: Our main clients are foreigners who visit Mexico for a temporary period for work reasons, although we are also hosting some leisure travel guests in some of our properties. They come to us because they are looking for a living space that offers them the feeling of being at home when they are far from it. 
Dominion Corporate Housing seeks properties that fit high quality construction standards and that are well-located in safe and exclusive areas of the city with nearby services and amenities. 

Q: How do you position your services among international corporations?

A: We are pioneers in this business niche in Mexico and we have earned the trust of our clients through the years thanks to exceptional service as well as the quality and safety of our accommodations. We offer a “built-to-suit” service for our clients, considering they all have different needs. It is all about “experience.” Today, we have four properties in Mexico City and two more opening soon. We are proud to say that we are the leading corporate housing company in Mexico. We are part of many recognized international mobility and corporate housing associations and have been certified by specialized professionals in the field. 
Q: What alliances or agreements with travel agencies have you reached to promote your services?

A: All of our properties can be booked through online travel agencies, global distribution systems, tour operators, as well as through our own website. Our guests are free to stay from one night to weeks, months and even years. Dominion Corporate Housing’s sales department also allies with national and international companies to attract customers. Most of our domestic clients come from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, while our international customers are mostly from the US, Europe and Latin America. At an international level, Dominion Corporate Housing is expanding thanks to its American and European certifications, as well as its presence in international trade fairs and sales blitz. 

Q: What are your expansion plans related to the number of accommodations in Mexico City?

A: Our plan is to expand to strategic areas of Mexico City. Dominion Corporate Housing also is planning to open a new property on Paseo de la Reforma to cater to the increasing number of finance corporations in the area. We want to offer their executives a housing space that provides all the amenities they need. This offer will be available in 2020. We also are considering looking for properties in the south of the city, such as San Jeronimo, Coyoacan and nearby areas to meet the expansion of laboratories, clinics and healthrelated companies.
Given the needs of the corporate housing market in the country, Dominion Corporate Housing is also looking for partnerships in the cities of Leon, Monterrey, Queretaro and Guadalajara, as well as alliances and investors to bring our concept to these cities. These cities are a good business opportunity for Dominion Corporate Housing. 

Q: What new trends have you identified in the corporate travel and housing segment?

A: Wellness is an important trend. Our customers are usually travelers who need to adapt their daily life to a new business environment while still enjoying the same facilities and amenities they would have at home. Dominion Corporate Housing pampers its guests with pillow menus, smart TVs where you can still watch your favorite TV series, healthy breakfasts, eco-friendly amenities and we are of course pet friendly. In the near future, we want to include services such as aromatherapy, yoga and meditation, as well as a personal trainer. 

Q: What standards do you follow when providing corporate services?

A: Dominion Corporate Housing follows standards from both Europe and the US. We not only ensure our guests’ comfort but also their safety. We provide companies the opportunity to inspect the premises beforehand to ensure it meets their service and security requirements. We also provide all the necessary equipment to enhance the security of our guests such as 24-hour security guards, CCTV, smoke detectors, fire blankets in every suite, rescue equipment and other components. We like to collaborate with our clients and make sure they are comfortable in every way. Duty of care is a must with all of our guests and company clients. 

Q: How does Dominion Corporate Housing operate its properties?

A: All our properties have a manager who is in charge of the property but our operations are carried out centrally. Operations, finances, human resources, sales and marketing, as well as our accounting departments are all in our main office. This allows us to maintain our standards and the quality of our services. 
Q: What is Dominion Corporate Housing’s growth forecast for the coming years? A: Our main objective is to continue to take Dominion Corporate Housing to a higher level and exceed our clients’ expectations. At the same time, we want to increase our number of properties under management and to expand to other parts of the country through partnerships that help us attract more customers. Finally, we want to increase our base of foreign clients for our local properties and expand our base of clients traveling or moving abroad.