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Technology a Corporate Necessity

Oscar Portillo - PC Fusion
Commercial Director


Wed, 05/08/2019 - 17:30

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Q: PC Fusion offers computers, servers, notebooks, AIO, workstations, tablets, printers and projectors. What is your most demanded service and why?

A: Our main offer is the leasing of technology equipment, such as TVs, touch screens, cameras, projectors and printers, but the company also offers services like web installations, system configurations and firewalls. We later sell this IT to a secondary market so the client has no pressure when replacing their technology working tools. 

Q: Where is PC Fusion’s biggest business opportunity in terms of business segments?

A: With short leases, meaning one day or more. Our main line of business tends to come from conferences and events because the technological requirements are more demanding in these cases. For example, at Expo Mascota, vendors were promoting their products with screens or surveying their clients using tablets. 
Long-term leases involve a variety of clients from different industries in Mexico. PC Fusion helps satisfy the IT needs of automotive, insurance and finance companies. Today, Mexican companies, regardless of their size, consider technology not as a luxury, but as a necessity. 

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